What is it they say about a week in politics? Well a week in Rock and Roll can fly by or if you listen to prog it could seem like an eternity.  Here at RPM we’ve barely been alive a week and already we’ve managed to carry a couple of really good interviews with bands you really should check out in the shape of The Hip Priests and from Italy The Idol Lips and their Noo Yawk style punk n roll.  The Hip Priests gave us the exclusive title of their soon to be released album ‘Stand For Nothing’.

Keep an eye out as we also carry a review from one of their recent UK shows with The Bitch queens and Deathtraps over the next week Easily one of the best bands currently making a noise anywhere God bless The Hip Priests. Interview here.

As for those punk n rollers from Italy they just want to rock like their idols they might be outta scene but they just keep going and when you hear them you’ll understand why.








As for live reviews, we got off to a great start unlike our Nev who went to Bristol to catch The The but we ended up saying There There due to some poor organisation from the promoters that took the shine off a great performance One to forget as far as venues go catch up here or better still pick up some The The here here

In other live action Ben had far better luck with his venues and bands by the sounds of it as he caught up with The Urban Voodoo Machine they performed two sets to celebrate fifteen years in the murky business of show business he also took in the wonderful sounds of Eureka Machines when they did a show to celebrate ten years of mucking about writing some songs playing them then hanging around and even releasing some records and playing killer shows like this one!

As for reviews, the RPM team turned in some stellar pieces as we covered bands such as Leigh’s excellent opinion on the Quireboys Reissue of ‘Homewreckers and Heartbreakers’ or if you fancied something a bit louder then Fraser took in some Nashville Pussy and even managed to ‘Suck It’ with Eddie Spaghetti and the boys from Supersuckers.


Taking the proud position of being the first album to see the light of day and exclusively reviewed on RPM was the debut solo album from Rich Ragany & The Digressions one that I’m sure will reap the rewards it thoroughly deserves.

From the US we brought you Shanda And The Howlers and Paul Collins who both have new records that will be must own for lovers of great songwriting. With two very distinctive styles they both deserve to hit a wider audience.

Whilst the rain lashes down outside has there ever been a better time to sit back chill out and read about your new favourite band or a new record that will steal 2018’s title for the album of the year.  Stick with RPM and we’ll see you alright because this week we have some Voi Vod and Bitch Queens live as well as records by Tommie and the commies, The Peewees, Hell Nation Army and the Healthy Junkies covered and news as quickly as we get it.  As Lux used to say Stay Sick kids – www.rpmonline.co.uk  Spread The Word!