Dom Daley.

Montreal, QC-based rock band Sick Things recently released a video for their single, ‘Sick Things’ which coincidentally is the name of the band and the album and the single so even the dumbest Rock and Rolla can remember that can’t they?  sure they can (it worked for me) and if they tune in they are sure in for a treat.  Released earlier this summer on CD this is about to get a spanking new release on wax from the good people at Gods Candy Record and on hearing this for the first time I had to congratulate the label for its good choice yet again.


You see the more you dig into to new music hitting the office desk (so to speak) the more patterns seem to appear and right here right now Canada is winning any race for the best straight up power pop rock n roll bands currently releasing music anywhere on the planet.  Damn, there must be something in the water right now because every time I turn on the stereo and play a Canadian band they are killing me with the tunes and Sick Things are no exception and the latest release to hit the death decks that get a toe tap and nod of approval from RPM HQ.

‘Take The Head From The Crown’ doesn’t hang about and goes straight for the kill with a foot stomper as the guitars wail and the floorboards shake this is happening, folks.  Cutting its teeth on 70’s classics like early Kiss, Cheap Trick and a healthy dose of duelling Thin Lizzy like guitars there isn’t much time to shoot the breeze and waffle because drum roll after soaring solo this is good stuff.  Before you have time to wipe the dribble of your chin ‘Boogalooser’ is shaking its backside like the finest show off wanna be guitar slinger in town this is how Biters started I’m sure of it.

It doesn’t stop there – this is no flash in the pan because if anything this record is getting stronger if anything by the time we reach ‘I Got News For You’ the riffs are getting sharper and we’re burning rubber towards Hellacopters territory maybe with a little less attitude but in the same ballpark.  Thank fuck the acoustic guitars come out for ‘We Got It Figured Out’ but only briefly were in for a classic acoustic layered rocker and who doesn’t love those BV’s?

This record is really consistent from start to finish and its quality is relentless I just hope they windmilled their way through the recordings and drank plenty of beer and are living the dream because the likes of Lynott opened up this path for others to follow and whilst the trail is still there we need bands to earn their stripes and pass through the door marked Stage ahead because the bright lights are shining and those electric guitars won’t duel themselves.

It’s got the energy and swing of that debut Black Crowes album and the attitude of prime Thin Lizzy with the melody of Cheap Trick and they even remembered the cowbell – what’s not to like for fuck’s sake this record is as much fun as is legally possible and I’m thinking you should go get some.  Eleven slices of prime good time with extra slices of solo on top – buy it!