Do you love The Dwarves? Do you love punk rock? The people at God’s Candy Records do and so should you.

He Who’s back, balls out and rocking with album number four, “The Good, The Bad, and The Brutal” and guess what – half the tunes have “good” in the title and the other half have “bad” in the title…… and they’re all great!!!

Masks on, balls out, let’s go.

Side one kicks off in sick-as-fuck pop-punk style with “A Good Problem” and “Bad Day”. Maybe my favourite two tracks on offer here and both about being pissed off! In fact my 9-year-old has had “Bad Day” on repeat for the last couple of weeks. Target audience bull’s eye!

You know what to expect from the slab of plastic and you get exactly what you need to make your life that little bit better for at least 30 minutes anyway. Not a million miles away from Blag and the mothership and not too far from the likes of NOFX and the gang.

Trundling along merrily, there’s not a stinker in the pack; all twelve tunes are as hooky as fuck. “Bad Means Good” is another stand out punky-poppy workout, while  “Good Guys Of the Wild West” launches you into a Spaghetti Western barn dance bounce-along, proving that punk rock needs more “Yippee-ki-yays”.

‘Bad Decisions” has the sound of an extra fucked up Tom Waits, while “Good Gestapo” makes you chuckle. No ones is trying to re-invent the wheel here. Let’s face it, HeWho’s been writing and playing punk rock for almost 30 years with the Dwarves – subtle he is not!

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Seeing as there isn’t a video for the album here enjoy this kids! it one of his best

Author:Fraser Munro