Topper are a straight up, foot to the floor punk rock band from Stockholm, Sweden and that’s about all I know about them. A Google search reveals bugger all and so given that there’s no press blurb with my download, much like Batman, their identities will remain a closely guarded secret.


Anyway, on with the show. A first blast of “Are We All Damned” puts me in mind of Mega City Four, Goldblade, Cock Sparrer and SLF.  Short and sweet is the order of the day, weighing in at only 9 tracks it’s fast, it’s mean it’s frightening !!!


“Satellite” is a pretty cool and direct opener, the kind of stuff you expect to be stomping the stage at Rebellion. “All The Little Things” gets a little poppier and romantic, while “Family Girl” is a bit more rock & roll, with a familiar but great riff.


Topper set out their stall from the off and stick to their guns. There are some cool tunes on show here like “Vivos O Muertos” and “She Was Too Young”. Nothing that’s going to blow your mind but enough to keep your head nodding throughout.


I look forward to seeing Topper live because I think they’ll put on a hell of a show, whoever they are ??!!??