11 years to release the first album… now 6 months after that …They announce that their Second (mini) Album “Accept Nothing, Question Everything” Comes hot on the heels. 

Having been together in one guise or another for eleven years they’ve hit a purple patch as they lurch from pop-punk of early Green Day on opener ‘Regrets?’ to the harder hitting style of Husker Du on ‘Stronger’, not a massive leap granted but illustrates the band’s influences that I hear on the first few listens and to be fair they do it very well indeed.

When they do the darker edged punk rock of say Husker Du like on the song ‘The Need For Greed’ it works better and really suits the vocals and what the tight and very capable rhythm section are knocking out.  The production is well suited as well and lifts the songs and the arrangments and playing is spot on.

‘Which Side’ works really well and it leads well into the closing track ‘Reap The Seeds’ as it rattles along really nicely as Tenplusone get political with Gaz delivering the sermon and no doubt preaches to the already converted politically but we all live in hope that maybe a new, younger generation latches on to this kind of songs for whatever reason (hopefully because they agree with the lyrics) Maybe because Tenplusone are on fire at the moment, that’s not just their words I’m here to confirm that its, in fact, true and this EP or Mini-album (whatever you call it these days)  is proof.

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Author: Dom Daley