King Pizza serves up a tasty helping of scuzzy punk rock n roll in the shape of Glass Slipper from Brooklyn Noo Yawk – of course they are. Clearly, the big cheese on their block Glass Slipper doesn’t muck about and knock out a tasty rapid sloppy punk rockin’ sound.  It’s uncomplicated and unfussy they do what they have to then get the fuck out of there.  Like other Noo Yawk punks before them, they know melody and they know to keep things brief.


It’s not all crash bang wallop mind you as ‘Best Friend’ will testify in all its prog length three minutes compared to the rest of the songs that are a trim minute, minute and a half in length.  Get the picture? sure you do. It’s warm and fuzzy just like the Stooges were the solo on ‘Best Friend’ that takes the tune home is frenzied and played as their life depends on it and I do like that – I like it a lot. ‘Deadbeat’ is performed and sung like they know it and live it and have a head full of Dead Boys and Damned Damned Damned swimming around in their heads.


We love some trashy Rock and Roll and Glass Slipper fits the bill perfectly. Its got that authentic garage rock n roll vibe to the recording and the songs sound like they’ve been fermenting in a rotting bucket for decades with just enough decay on the guitars to hold it together long enough to capture the chaos on tape ‘Treat Me Right’ captures this perfectly. ‘Throw It Away’ sounds like it’s been rolling in the Bowery dirt of the ’70s and has only now found its home its a great song like Richard Hell offered it up to Thunders and got chased out of the Heartbreakers only to offer it to Stiv instead. ‘Wire Children’ is the bastard child of Lux and his Cramps on even cheaper speed.

What only one song left? and its a slowey? How did this happen I’m gonna have to play it again.  ‘Beneath The Skin’ is VU on the opening then a couple of notices on the snare and hell is unleashed as the grinding stomp takes this sucker home.  What a fine uncomplicated record.  I love it when a band like Glass Slipper turns up without any baggage or pretentions and just kicks out the jams like they love what they do and live it like there’s no tomorrow. Fill yer boots folks!

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