After a very successful debut show at Planet Rockstock, The Dreamers are now looking forward to their ‘Festive Five’ UK dates.

Rock comic Pete K Mally will be compering every show & we have a fantastic local band each night. Whore No More at Birmingham, Cyster Scalpel at Glasgow, Boomville (feat. Mark Yates of Terrorvision) at Sheffield, Anita Chellamah at London & 60th Parallel at Southampton.

Details of Pete & all the bands can be found at the facebook events page.

Advance tickets are still available via the links below:

Fri 7th December – BIRMINGHAM Asylum 2 – TICKETS

8th Sat December – GLASGOW Nice ‘n’ Sleazy – TICKETS –TICKETS-SCOTLAND

9th Sun December – SHEFFIELD Corporation – TICKETS

15th Sat December – LONDON Black Heart (Camden) –TICKETS

16th Sun December – SOUTHAMPTON Heartbreakers –TICKETS

God bless Rudi Protrudi and God bless The Fuzztones and all who have sailed the turbulent Rock and Roll seas aboard this curious vessel.

Early 90’s ‘Tones sees Rudi with a new crew on board yet they obviously kept their trademark organ swirl and shimmering guitar aplenty and those B movie vocals dripping with echo. This the band’s 3rd album hasn’t been in print and available for some time so it’s always a joy when a label like Easy Action steps up and gives people a second chance to get their mitts on a copy with the added bonus of a 7″ single to boot.

The covers of some of the most influential psychedelic bands like  LOVE and THE DOORS are here alongside original Rudi Protrudi tracks such as the live favorites ‘Romilar D’ (named after some cough medicine a theme here maybe considering the band also dabbled with snake oil), ‘Rise’ and ‘Skeleton Farm’.  Jordan Tarlow, (Lead Guitar) John “Speediejohn” Carlucci, (Bass) Jason Savall, (Vox Organ) & “Mad” Mike Czekaj did a fantastic job of just slotting right in with Rudi’s Fuzztones sound and vibe and the transition from East to West coast was seamless for Rudi.

The band gained a decent fanbase here in the UK as a result of the tour they did supporting The Damned during their most commercially successful ‘Phantasmagoria’ period,  Which was where I first got reeled in by The Fuzztones at a show in Cardiff on that tour. The band were “cool as” and their messed up Rock and Roll was mysterious and the real deal for this young scribe and a fantastic introduction to the B movie, horror psychedelic Rock and Roll that Rudi has stayed true to all his career and the genre they labelled psych garage or whatever retro nametag they hang the likes of the Fuzztones off of these days.

Possibly the bands most commercial record ‘Braindrops’ was a stab at the mainstream whilst kinda keeping it real. The possible including of the three covers was a cry for attention from Rudi using the Love and The Doors as well as the ever-catchy ‘The People In Me’ Music Machine cover might be a stretch on reflection but considering its not a ten track album Rudi might have got away with it besides he’s only ever danced to his own tune (figuratively of course) and ‘Braindrops’ which has now been expanded to a bumper seventeen tracks when you include the three that feature on the 7″ single, this is certainly a splatter reissue you simply must-own.

Be mindful that there are only 700 of these so don’t snooze. I did chuckle when I read that Rudi is alleged to have called this record the bands Sgt Pepper! so I’ll have some of whatever he’s on (not that I’m a massive fan of The Beatles) but whichever way you look at this album you should check it out. If you’re new to The Fuzztones then remember this – The Fuzztones don’t do bad records never have and never will so what are you waiting for?  2018 hasn’t really been a bad year for reissues and this is most certainly at the top of the pile.  Go get it, folks, before they’re all gone.


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Author: Dom Daley

Mansun’s debut album ‘Attack Of The Grey Lantern’ came out 21 years ago, yet it only seems like yesterday that a mate shoved a hand-scrawled C90 in my hands and said: “You’ll love this new album, it sounds like Duran Duran meets The Manics”.

It did sound like that and I did love it! Haunting and melodic, deep and cinematic, how the hell did an Indie band from Chester have the balls to release an ambitious concept album as their debut slap bang in the throws of Britpop? They were the outcasts of the Indie music scene, the music press hated them, they didn’t fit in, but I loved them. The album debuted at number 1, they lasted 3 albums and split never to be seen again. Yet 21 years later, ‘Attack Of The Grey Lantern’ remains one of my favourite albums of all time.


Now, seemingly a lifetime later, singer/songwriter Paul Draper returns. Following a rather cool debut solo album named ‘Spooky Action’ and a successful full band tour last year playing ‘AOTGL’ in its entirety; he goes out on the road with guitarist Ben Sink playing acoustic shows. Mansun songs acoustic! Well, with a show announced at The Crescent in York, just a stone’s throw from my house, it would be rude not to turn out and see if the guy who wrote one of my all-time favourite albums has still got it after all these years, wouldn’t it?


Following a set of sweet and chilled folk songs, mixing fiddle, ukulele and keyboards courtesy of Flo Perlin, Paul Draper and Ben Sink take to the stage with their guitars, a few bottles of beer and a few hundred fans for company. Draper, dressed in a black t-shirt and denim jacket, a full beard and his hair now grown out, is a stark contrast to the skin up pin-up of 1997, but hey aren’t we all? That was 20 years ago, but the voice, that voice is still intact.

What follows is a choice set of solo songs, Mansun hits and obscure b sides. Enough to whet the appetite of even the most casual of Paul Draper fans. Of course, there is always one, one pissed-up heckler who tries, albeit unintentionally, to ruin the whole night. But Paul just takes the piss out of him in good spirits. He’s pissed, yet obviously, an Uber fan who sings along (badly and out of tune to every single word to every song, fair play). Paul jokes and asks him to shut up many times, as he’s singing so loud, he can’t hear himself to key in.


Tonight’s opener ‘Friends Make The Worst Enemies’ is a highlight from last year’s ‘Spooky Action’ and it sounds great. With years in the wilderness, Paul’s voice has been kept in great condition and he hits all the notes no problem.

I was interested to witness how Mansun songs transferred in this intimate acoustic environment, stripped of the layers of production, vocal harmonies and guitars, the songs stand up surprisingly well. ‘Disgusting’ sounds as beautiful as the album version, the following ‘Negative’ from ‘Six’ is an unexpected highlight, it sounds amazing acoustic, Paul’s voice hitting those high notes to perfection, it loses none of its upbeat intensity and grandiose charm.

‘The Chad Who Loved Me (probably the greatest opening song of any album) is as good as I hoped it would be and ‘Legacy’ is epic as I remember it.


Paul is on fine form, telling stories and jokes between songs, as he swigs on beer and sucks throat pastels. Either taking the piss out of the heckler (“he’s probably wearing a Shed 7 t-shirt”), Ben (“he’s doing Movember, you know”) or himself. He even tells, us prior to performing a rarity from the unreleased fourth album sessions (‘Keep Telling Myself’), how Mansun came to an end after an unnamed member of the band head butted him.


The new material fits perfectly with the older Mansun classics, the likes of ‘Things People Want’ getting just as much audience participation as the classic ‘Wide Open Space’ does.

In this intimate setting, stripped of all the production, these songs are laid bare and Paul’s lyrical genius is pushed to the fore. The combination of Paul singing and strumming chords as Ben watches his leader intently for the changes, recreating Dominic Chad’s intricate lead work is sublime to witness in the flesh. After a short break, the duo return for an encore of the seminal epic ‘AOFTG’ closer ‘Dark Mavis’, which remains a set highlight long after the lights have dimmed and the crowds have wondered from the bar.


Paul Draper remains an underrated songwriter who has never got the credit he deserves, but then I’ve always loved an underdog. While it looks like a Mansun reunion will never happen, Paul Draper is here performing songs that stand the test of time and prove Mansun were always more than just another Britpop indie band. A beautiful experience.

Author: Ben Hughes

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Cards on the table, full disclosure but The Damned were the second of my three life-changing first was The Beatles and the third was The Hellacopters. Growing up in Croydon during the 70’s and 80’s you couldn’t really avoid bumping into Captain Sensible either down The Dog & Bull or walking through the demilitarised zone in the Whitgift Centre. The same can be said for Johnny Moped, during their Big Band phase I was one of their Roadies, with original Moped drummer, Dave Berk, coming to my Wedding. So yes, you can call me a fan. At this point, you are probably thinking “If you’re such a fan how you can be impartial when it comes to reviewing them?” Fair point, but hard-core fans can be the most critical of a band that they love and over the years spent a small fortune on. Between the end of The Damned’s “Not of this Earth/I’m Alright Jack and the Beanstalk” and the “Grave Disorder” line-up, admitting to still being a fan was fraught with derision and plausible deniability and with the best intentions at heart; technology nixed The Mopeds “The Search for Xerxes” album.

But there I was travelling down from East Croydon, both The Damned’s and Moped’s former unofficial spiritual home, to Brighton their new one, for the first date of the “Evil Spirits” Pre Christmas Tour.

The Brighton Dome is like a scaled down Royal Albert Hall, also scaled down were the prices at the Bar, which pleased my wallet. Now for those of you Tom Cats that don’t know anything about Johnny Moped he would be the first to tell you he is 80% disabled. There is a Spectrum dedicated solely to Johnny, Chrissie Hynde was sacked from the band, twice, Dee Dee Ramone loved them and Michael Stripe cited them as influential, I kid you not.  At the appointed time of 8’o clock Johnny Moped, the band, wondered on stage with guitarist Rock ‘n’ Roll Robot asking where their esteemed leader was, before Johnny Moped, the man, appeared from the wings like some papal figure. With a quick “One, two, cut yer hair” the band were off with “Incendiary Device” which led into another “Cycledelic” classic “Panic Button” that features probably the greatest line of all time “Picking off my acne ‘cause I haven’t had a meal”. The band didn’t rest on past glories with a healthy dose of material culled from 2016’s “A Real Cool Baby” album fitting in perfectly. Talking of culling; “Save The Baby Seals” from the “Xerxes” album made a welcome appearance. For “Darling Let’s Have Another Baby” brief keyboard playing member Francesca joined Johnny on vocals to replicate the Kirsty McCall and Billy Bragg version of it. Unlike Francesca, Kirsty had not discovered both the Moped’s and Damned’s alcohol quota for the whole tour and drunk the lot. Over a very short period of time. On an empty stomach. This was not lost on Johnny as he dedicated the next track “Catatonic” to her. Johnny Moped are very much a Marmite/Brussel Sprout band. You either get them and get them big time or you wonder what the heck just happened. With the band finishing with the Roxy Album classic “Hard Lovin’ Man” I think the partisan Damned crowd got them big time.

For a 9 year period, The Damned were happy to rest on their laurels, to gig and tour without a new product to promote, knowing that their fans, like me, were all to easily appeased, happy to hear live material that was mainly recorded during the chaos years of 1976 – 1986. All that changed with the Fan Funded album “Evil Spirits”, which raised enough money to be recorded in NYC with Tony Visconti on production duties. Cited as being what “Phantasmagoria” would’ve sounded like had Captain not left and with “Black Album”/”Strawberries” era bassist Paul Gray returning it was a win, win situation. An album fans bought and an album fans wanted to hear played live. However, it was “Born to Kill” from the band’s debut album that kicked things off with the somewhat apt “Democracy?”, from the band’s 2001 album “Grave Disorder” following on. “Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow” was the first of 4 songs taken from “Evil Spirits”, but nothing from “Music for Pleasure”, not even “Stretcher Case”, nothing from “Phantasmagoria”, “Anything”, “I’m Alright Jack” (as if, but please) or even “So, Who’s Paranoid?”. Early fans might’ve bulked at “Grimily Fiendish” and “Eloise” but these tracks introduced a whole swath of new fans to the Damned and their back catalogue, in the same manner as “Love Song” enticed fans of the NWOBHM back in 1979, so their omission was puzzling. (“Alone Again Or” from “Anything” was added to later dates).  Much has been made over recent years over the maturity of David Vanian’s vocals, but the surprise for me were Captain’s vocals on “Silly Kids Games”; like Vanian’s they have become much more measured, warming and fuller sounding. I only wish that the demo lyrics of “Balls to Monkhouse, fuck off Forsyth, piss off  Parsons” would be reinstated and I’m sure, talking of original lyrics, during “Smash it Up” Dave sang “I don’t wanna end up like Rudolf Hess” but I could be wrong. Original Damned guitarist Brian James lives in Brighton, with Captain, just before playing the James penned tune “One of the Two” asking if he was in the audience and if he was “to get up on stage where he belongs” Sadly he wasn’t. The Damned 2018 come across much more professional, I, thankfully, can’t remember the last-time I saw Captain strip off, even if for “There Ain’t No Sanity Clause” the whole band sported Father Christmas hats procured from the local Pound shop. Travelling back to East Croydon Train Station the next day I spotted around the Haywards Heath area some fantastically wealthy looking houses that backed onto a lake with their own wood. Slap bang in the middle of this private arboretum, with no noticeable access, was a 1970’s caravan that looked like it was missing its Robin Reliant. The caravan, with its burst corners, looked like some invisible giant foot had exerted just enough pressure to “pop” it rendering it this way. For some strange reason, this totally summed up The Damned and Johnny Moped the previous day.

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Pictures by kind permission from Jamie Macmillan Photos

Author : Armitage Smith



Recorded back in 1976 in Woodstock the late Great Mick Ronsons ‘Just Like This’  finally get the release this posthumous collection of recorded songs deserves.  Sure it only contains seven songs but the quality is awesome and the tracks themselves aren’t too shabby either.

The title track is a great riff that just seems to glide as the band hammer down that groove. It sort of sets the tone for what we are about to hear to be fair and on ‘Hard Life’ I love the way the band throws in a snippet of ‘Ziggy’ in the middle of the track as the band is locked in and jamming out.

Ronson is joined by Mick Barakan on Guitar & Backing Vocals, Jay Davis on Bass and Backing Vocals plus lead vocal on Takin’ a Train & Hey Grandma, whilst Bobby Chen plays Drums and Backing Vocals.  The songs are described as having a harder edge which is fair to say but the playing remains the (Not So)  secret weapon and the players involved recollect that they didn’t realise how good Mick was as a player until they got up close to the guy in the studio but you don’t get to work with the likes of Bowie, Hunter and Dylan by being average I guess.  It’s also mad to think that these tapes and songs might never have seen the light of day due to lack of funds at the time and the classic record label unhappy with what they were hearing now that would have been a tragedy had we never have been able to drop the needle on these tunes..

Original ‘1998’ tape restoration & mastering was re-done in 2018 Re-Mastering duties were handled by Anders Peterson at Ghost Mastering & Post, Sweden. It’s great that recordings like this aren’t lost forever and still people care enough to preserve them and sadly in Ronson’s absence us folks out on the high street can finally enjoy some fantastic musicians making music.

Officially endorsed by Ronsons family this edition comes on blood red vinyl and with great sleeve notes reminiscing about the recording of these tracks by the people who mattered but its the music that is captured in the grooves that shine brightest.  I love the laid-back groove of ‘I’d Give Anything To See You’ which has some amazing restrained playing and then to follow it up with ‘Takin’ A Train’ is sublime.


who wouldn’t love the full-tilt groove of ‘Hey Grandma’ but my favourite has to be the epic ‘Crazy Love’ where you can easily get lost inside some fantastic guitar playing. Long live the music of Mick Ronson –  Ronno On! indeed such a cool talent that’s greatly missed.

Buy Just Like This Here 

Author: Dom Daley

Considering its size Poland has yet to really lay a glove onto the blueprint of Rock and Roll yet a lot of the bands I speak to that tour there rave about the reception they get and how passionate the fans are for Rock and Roll. so in 2018 it’s strange to think that underground Rock and Roll is still so far underground that everywhere else never gets to hear about it. Well, let RPM change that misconception as we champion this new CD from Poland’s Jack Saint.  Their garage rock n roll has a lot of traditional dark tones and some familiar influences and if you needed to know what side of the track these boys walk there is a cover of the Gun Clubs ‘Stranger In Our Town’ thrown in for good measure and a way of tying their flag to the mast.

Its dark, swamp blues with a very healthy dose of Gallon Drunk meets the Birthday Party meets the Gun Club if you’re looking for a line in the sand and know what I mean?  It’s unmistakably in that ballpark.  If I was to be picky and complain then it would be that a couple of the songs might be a tad overly long when they clock in at almost six minutes but if it needs it then that’s fine but a couple of these don’t but maybe that says more about my concentration span than the bands songwriting.  It’s only a minor gripe to be fair.

Album opener ‘Stop Hanging On Ma Door (Lil’ Bitch)’ sets the tempo with a groovy little number with an overdriven riff its got the DNA of the Stooges and associated bands but it’s not copying or aping their heroes. The first video (included below) has some of the Nick Caves about it which again isn’t a bad thing at all and I love the guitar breaks and the way they work with the hypnotic bass line – nice tune no doubt about it. Including the Gun Clubs ‘The Stranger In Our Town’ is an easy choice and its done very well indeed.

I also like the Swampy stomp of ‘Beer For A Dollar’ with its excellent rhythm. To be fair as the album progresses the Bass sound edges forward and takes a prominent place in the mix and that’s a good thing because some of the bass lines are great and set the tone for the song – ‘One Jump’ is chaotic and rough and a lot of that is to do with a driving bass line.


To close the album they take on the Laughing Hyenas ‘New Gospel’ with its sparse arrangement and honking Harp it’s a great way to close off a very impressive debut offering.  Hopefully, Poland is listening to the sound of its underground and it won’t be long before the kids catch on and Jack Saint are at the forefront of a musical avalanche from Central Europe.

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Author : Dom Daley

Seeing as the weather outside is getting colder and getting up for that job seems a little harder let Steve Rockaway those blues with his video for ‘Gimme Gimme Rockaway’

The classic track from the upcoming Testors Tribute Album. Proceeds will go toward medical and housing expenses for Testors guitarist Sonny Vincent’s family. Facebook testors tribute page Alternatively you can donate to his gofundme page here:

To finish off this public service how about something off the new Heavy Drapes record ‘Crashing Like Stars’. ‘Should I suck Or should I Blow’ will see you out the door in double quick time.  enjoy folks.

After witnessing between 20-50 people turn out for every gig I’ve been to over the last month I was starting to lose faith. I was starting to think that maybe Lenny Kravitz was right; maybe rock ‘n’ roll is dead after all! Thank fuck then that the Virginmarys fans descended on The Brudenell on a cold and wet Thursday to douse any flames of doubt that having been burning away in my brain. Of course rock ‘n’ roll ain’t dead!  It’s alive and well, kicking ass as strong as ever from the underground.

Tonight, we have 2 truly independent bands who are releasing great music and touring under their own steam.


Dressed in maroon velvet, with mismatched stripy socks and her black n white dreads in bunches, diminutive Hands Off Gretel frontgrrl Lauren Tate looks and acts every part the Alice In Grungeland you would expect. She takes us all down her own personal rabbit hole, giggling and rolling her eyes to the skies. Lauren is doing what she has been planning in her bedroom for years, and now all the songwriting and singing, the drawing and designing of all the artwork herself, is finally paying off.  Hands Off Gretel are a band that are certainly making waves in all the right places.

It’s not all about the hyperactive frontgrrl though, to her left new bassist Becky Baldwin, the consummate rock chick, is all flowing black hair and tattoos, she fits this band of misfits perfectly. Their original bass player Sam has been the drummer for a while now, he  keeps the beat well and ever animated guitarist Sean handles most of the guitars, leaving Lauren free to use every inch of the stage making new fans in every direction she turns.

On the strength of tonight’s set their highly anticipated sophomore album will be essential listening. Opener ‘Don’t Touch’ brings out Lauren’s inner Brody Dalle with some nice screamo moments and Becky’s backing vocals add a nice variety to the overall sound. Recent single ‘Kiss Me Girl’ sounds fantastic, it’s probably my song of the year, and ‘S.A.S.S.’ has a hell of a hook, bringing nineties riot grrl power kicking and screaming into 2019.

But it’s the cool as you like ‘Punk Rock Girl’ that steals the show for me. A high energy, schizophrenic song with a great delivery, I look forward to hearing the studio version.  A choice cover of The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ is handled well, taken down to a brooding, dark beast of a song. Oldie ‘My Size’ closes a set that will surely gain the band many new friends tonight and on every night of this tour. Job done.

Hands Off Gretel are the sort of band people like me hope to discover at every new gig. They have that certain magic that sets them aside from the competition. One thing is certain; Lauren Tate is a superstar in waiting, she knows it and so do we, now we just have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. Ones to watch in 2019.


Macclesfield’s finest export The Virginmarys should need no introduction to these pages. Now free of a recording contract and doing things their own way, they return with the release of fantastic new long player ‘Northern Sun Sessions’ and a short run of dates to promote said album.

Dressed in black, his hair grown out and peroxide blonde, Ally Dickaty doesn’t fuck about much between songs and lets the music do the talking. Opener ‘For The Two Of Us’ from the new album is a slow burner that not only showcases from the off what a great songwriter Ally is, but also what a great drummer Danny Dolan is. Then it’s straight into live favourite ‘Just A Ride’, The Virginmarys are taking no prisoners tonight as the room erupts.

In a set that covers the band’s three albums, there are many highlights to pick. Of the new material, ‘Get Me Back Home’ (with Ally doing slide on an old Vox guitar) stands out, as does brilliant new single ‘Look Out For My Brother’, a song that has already become a firm live favourite. ‘S.O.S.4.U.N.I.’ sounds amazing live, the euphoric, cinematic feel that they captured so well on record transfers just as well to the stage, even down to the spot on backing vocals courtesy of touring bassist Ross.

Elsewhere ‘Into Dust’ is intense and brooding as it builds to that epic chorus. Yes, epic…The Virginmarys do epic very well indeed. ‘Motherless Land’ and my own personal favourite ‘Lost Weekend’ give the desired goosebumps treatment.

There’s a punk rock intensity to a Virginmarys show that bands rarely capture, the combination of great songs with lyrics that are deep and relatable, a tight, well-rehearsed band and a passionate fan base that will sing along to every word. It’s a killer combination every time.

My eyes can’t help but be drawn to the drummer as he bends over his kit at the start of songs, staring daggers at the crowd, lost in the moment, before pounding seven shades of shit out of his poor kit, as spurts of water ricochet off the skins with the intensity of his beats. In a world of underrated musicians he is up there as one of the greatest drummers just to even watch. On the likes of ‘Portrait Of Red’ he even stands up to bash out the intros.

Encore time sees Ally pick out the intro to the title track of their new album. Emotive and soulful, it builds intensely, as many of their tracks do. He has us captivated, as we too get lost in the moment. And final song of the night ‘Bang Bang Bang’ does just what it says on the tin!


Tomorrow is Black Friday, but tonight I saw 2 great bands for £12, and that’s the best deal I could hope for all year!  One thing’s for sure, I will be back to see these bands time and time again, no matter the entry price. An awesome night of rock ‘n’ roll, who could ask for more?


Author: Ben Hughes

What a year in the world of Heavy Drapes. You never know what’s around the corner and that’s never been more apparent than here.

January they blow the roof off the 100 Club with an awesome set supporting the mighty Boys and all things gearing up to the recording and release of their debut album and some summer shows where it was really going to kick off at Rebellion Europe and Blackpool and upon their return from Holland frontman Garry lost his life in the blink of an eye and proving how fragile our time on this planet is and how none of us knows when our time here is over.

Never mind the music, that can wait, he left behind him a young daughter and loving wife and three devastated bandmates and a punk community that rallied round and hopefully comforted those that really mattered at such a tough time.

I’d exchanged messages with Garry days before I flew on a family holiday and after his band’s triumphant return from Holland we were sorting out an interview upon my return where I wanted the inside scoop on the band’s debut long player and their subsequent Rebellion appearance.  Sadly I found out on my arrival in America that the interview would not take place and Garry had suddenly been taken from his family and bandmates.

We’d only met briefly but I was gutted for those who knew him well and what they were no doubt about to achieve. A larger than life character Garry had an impact upon everyone who crossed his path and his wholehearted belief in the success that was about to hit his band was unwavering and people who saw the band play and had bought their singles were already in on what was going down North of the Border that was soon to break out all over the place.

Fast forward several months and whispers abound that the debut album Heavy Drapes were working on was being mastered and readied for release then out of the Blue (not into it) its here. ‘Crashing Like Stars’ is fuckin’ here!

Maybe unfinished as it was intended due to the extraordinary circumstances but its fair to say ‘Crashing Like Stars’ sounds fantastic.  Ten tracks that you could hear being played across stages around the UK and further afield had been captured on tape and were now loud and proud blasting through my speakers.  Now, I reviewed their previous EP and single and loved what I heard and anyone who knows me knows I love me some sleazy punk rock as played by the likes of The Lords Of The New Church, UK Subs, The Vibrators to name a few and a large part of that love is the unfussy arrangments with a lot of light between the instruments and a good ear for production and to let the music do the talking – always let the music do the talking. Well, Heavy Drapes did that.


Ten tracks all of which you would have heard live if you were lucky enough to have seen the band perform, the singles are here and opener ‘Should I Suck’ is a ball of energy from that intense bass to the backing vocals it’s a great tune to open any record with. You can also add the fantastic ‘Maladjusted’ with its clean and unfussy arrangement I love how the even having only seen the band play once some of these songs have stuck in my head and I remember them instantly and on the first play I’m singing along. Always a decent gauge to how good a record is isn’t it?  Rock and Roll is about memorable tunes and Heavy Drapes had plenty of them.  The vocals and backing vocals on ‘Into The Blue’ really elevate the song.  Its hard to be original in music and when you play a certain style odds are it’s been done once or twice before so all you have is a melody and some catchy lyrics or a well-placed solo and you can’t reinvent the wheel its perfect as is so when a band crops up who understands this and just offers up their interpretation of the wheel you have to take notice.  Here is the evidence of one of those bands Heavy Drapes had songs and plenty of them.

I love a good chorus and songs like ‘Janie’ has got one, in fact, it’s not just good it’s excellent. If you love the Steve Jones dry, clean overdriven chug then this is for you and you’re gonna love songs like  ‘Hanging Like A Suicide’.  Listen, I think you should have got the picture by now.  If you loved records like the Neurotic Outsiders, The Lords Of The New Church, Pistols and a few dozen other great bands then this is most definitely an album you are going to love. Like Gunfire Dance before them, Heavy Drapes flame burned bright but way to briefly. I guess we should console ourselves in the fact we now have a disc full of great tunes to remember them by and I raise a glass to what might, could and should have been. Well played Garry son this is as good as you said it was going to be may you rest in peace man you left a mighty fine legacy. Bam-a-lama-fa-fa-fa!

Buy Crashing Like Stars Here

Author: Dom Daley

2018 is quickly running out of weeks and before we know it we’ll be crashing into 2019 and another year of new records and great bands to see. Before everything blurs into one we have to reflect on what happened last week never mind last year so the final week of November saw RPM review some amazingly talented artists like the brand new up and coming force of nature that is Nikki Hill and her album ‘Feline Roots’. 

As well as the new talent we also welcomed back the return of US Bombs with their long player ‘Road Case’  

There was also musical collaborations that we found really appealing like The wicked EP by The Dahlmanns that we would highly recommend you check out and seeing as its Christmas why not give yourself a little treat.

Whilst on the live front RPM were present for the umpteenth show from the amazing UK Subs who are forever on tour as are The Quireboys but it was the line up of Helldorado that really caught our imagination as Europe seems to have really hit paydirt as far as the amazing line up goes. With top turn after top turn hit the stages and RPM was there to regale the magic for our readers.

Interviews we had them as well as Leigh spoke To Mike Christie about Guitars, Amps and general Guitar related Tech and we also caught up with Sal from Electric Frankenstein to hear all about his compilations and a general EF chat. On the feature front, Ben continued his adventure across the West coast of America and managed to catch a few live shows whilst he was talking in what Frisco, Vegas and LA had to offer.

Anyway enough looking back how about looking forward and this coming week on RPM we’ve got plenty of live action coming your way from some of our favourite bands still making music as well as some tasty new albums as well as a bunch of reissued classics you might have missed out on first time but now is your chance to pick em up. So we welcome December with a cheeky snap from He Who Cannot Be Named for you and as always Stay Sick and keep it RPM. Til next week that is.