Jay Reatard was a singer-songwriter who passed away on this day in 2010.  Jay was born May 1, 1980, as James Lee Lindsey Jr. later changing his name to Jay Reatard.

Jay was a renowned solo artist and probably best known for the band The Reatards.  Toured Europe at 18 and supported Rocket From The Crypt also managed to play in about a dozen noted bands playing various instruments from synth to guitar and bass even managing drums in one band.

Jay also played in the Lost Sounds a synth-heavy band which was a departure from the guitar-driven punk he was known for.  Jay was certainly prolific in his twenty-nine years releasing several albums most notably ‘Blood Vision’ that got repressed after his passing for Record Store Day that was very limited and came with a bonus 7″ and is his most well-known album.

RPM raises a glass in his memory on this day and will be playing ‘Blood vision’ in his memory.  A feature-length documentary film entitled ‘Better Than Something: Jay Reatard’ was released in March 2012. The film, made by New York City filmmakers Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz, is an elaboration of their short film Waiting For Something. The film predominantly features footage shot with Retard in 2009, along with never before seen concert and home video footage. so if you have some time spare go check it out below.