Since the internet truly took off music has never before been so global and within a minute you can be chatting with some like-minded  punk rocker from the other side of this Globe (it’s not fuckin flat its a globe) it still freaks me out a little but as far as hearing music goes its the dogs danglies. I mean, how else was I going to be acquainted with Swiss loons Bad Mojo and their ‘Pass Out City’? When I first heard that bad boy I loved it.  Fast forward a couple of years and these masked/balaclaved up yobs are back in the house and living it large on nicked booze and other substances.

Whilst you’re waiting for The wonderfully titled long player (cough cough) to drop rub your peepers and read a fistful of this as I try to convince you its a good thing to send some money digitally through your computer and in exchange they’ll send you either a lovely big record or a small shiny CD I’m sure of it.  Anyway, You still might be wondering what these – listen now – Masked, scruffy, punks are up to. well, its only punk rock apparently and these three aren’t afraid to use it.

It begins with a howl of feedback and as the drumsticks count us in it’s off like a rocket.  there are no fineries here its punk rock in its most aggressive, pogotastic, fuck it and fuck you way. Bad Mojos opening four songs on the album sort of set the tone – ‘Diggin My Own Grave’, ‘Baby I’m Doomed’, I Wanna Be Dead’ and ‘I Hate’ so you go figure.  Its fast furious but it has melody in the same way the Ramones did. the songs are short sharp and fly straight to the part of your brain that controls toe tapping and head bobbing.


there is nothing not to like here its rough as fuck and at times sounds like it was recorded on an old school tape recorder that was carefully placed near a speaker and record and play were pressed and away you go. The title track has more than a hint of the UK Subs ‘Party In Paris’ about it and that’s fine by me and the next song ‘Too Drunk’ has a fuzzed out guitar that The Stooges had.  To close this fantastic offering off there is the catchy ‘Everybody Hates Me’ that is fucked up pop music if ever I heard it. Ten songs in fifteen minutes crash bang wallop fuckin’ have it! Adios, I out of here – go buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley