Now you know we love nothing more than championing bands that we love and there aren’t many bands we love more than the Hip Priests Shit –  Islands very own Garage Rock N Fuckin’ Roll darlings.  Unless you’ve been dwelling under a rock or sat with your head up a UKIPers arse you’ll know they have a brand new album on the way (Stand For Nothing). We love it and we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t let you in on the pre-orders so here goes –

The new Magnum Opus (Hopeless?) goes LIVE this morning 10 am in advance of the official release date of March 11th! Here’s the first track off the album in video form, ‘Welcome To Shit Island’ has some fine lyrics and is just a brief taster of whats to come. You know what to do folks!


Order your copy  Here Xx

Video by Baron Von Strange and Dan Poole @ GVFilm