It seems like an eternity since the news was released that Bob Mould was releasing a follow up to the fantastic ‘Patch The Sky’ but the day is upon us and on this day ‘Sunshine Rock’ is breaking out over the skyline.

The album opens with the title track and a sprightly jump around it is too. There’s a rough edge and a fire inside his belly that still burns and fans will be delighted that everything is in order and ‘Sunshine Rock’ gets off to a fizzing start like a pop song with loud guitars. We head off in an upward trajectory from there on in as the guitars are turned up loud and when I say loud anyone whos seen the guy live can testify he doesn’t scrimp on the volume and he’s transferred that onto this record. ‘What Do You Want Me To Do’ is loud and it sounds like the record of a guy with hunger and love for what he’s doing its exhilarating stuff.

Splitting Mould albums into light and dark categories can get in the way, sure sometimes it’s inevitable but for me, this one most definitely goes into the big bright happy category.  I don’t think its a coincidence it has the title it does.  Clear your mind and let Sunshine into your life.  Blimey, it works. I must say I’m really enjoying this record on initial plays and I’m sure the deeper I get into it and over time my views might well change but initially this might just be one of his finest offerings to date (solo wise) ‘Sunny Love Song’ is vibrant and skips along LOUDLY!  I find the coloured vinyl quite hypnotic as well looking at it whilst spinning and letting the music try and sink in ‘Thirteen Dozen Roses’ has a sharp riff that dominates the song as Mould slashes at his Strat and beats the chords out.

‘The Final Years’ is a real shift in gears as a keyboard dominates the intro but as the verse begins it drops back to the rhythm section and sparse keyboards as the band locks in for a real slab of new wave This could easily be some 80’s brit pop. Bob turns the amps back on and lets the warm valve heat up as ‘Irrational Poison sounds like a band just playing live and capturing some real live in the studio magic.

If your looking for possible radio singles ‘I Fought’ wouldn’t be one of them as Mould spits out the lyrics laden with expletives like he really means it maaan. ‘Sin King’ sounds like cruising down the freeway in a classic car with the sun blazing down and the radio on full volume its got a real road trip feel to it hidden in the depths of ‘Sunshine Rock’ a song that will give more and more over time I’m sure of it.

‘Lost Faith’ is a more laid back mellow affair at first few plays it had some REM in its melody with strings in the background and well in the background to be fair. the track builds up to a bridge that just soars before falling back to and repeat its like song climbing with Bob Mould it ebbs and flows wonderfully  and like he might be in the next room writing these and your the first person and maybe the only person he’s singing to its got that personal feel to it which is a magical thing to capture. mould stays ahead of the game on ‘Sunshine Rock’ and is as relevant as he’s ever been which is some mean feat considering how quickly the musical sands of time shift and many a musician and songwriter lose their footing and stumble and fall, Mould remains at the top of that dune. He can change gear from song to song whilst ‘Lost Faith’ is calm ‘Irrational Poison’ and ‘Sin King’ are heavy but in a good way and the campfire stum of ‘Camp Sunshine’ is as easy listening as you’re going to get. As a final hoorah you have the frantic one-two of ‘Send Me A postcard’ (made for throwing your ageing body around at some sweaty live show sometime soon.) Mould bows out of ‘Sunshine rock’ with the splendid ‘Western Sunset’ and already the world is a better place as a Bob Mould record gets released into the ever-maddening and confusing world there are few things to rely on and this guys records are one of them. ‘Sunshine Rock’  is a must own record it’s as simple as that what an awesome way to end your week than playing this over and over and over again.  Buy It!


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