The Gun Club will get a full-length documentary in 2020. It’ll focus on lead singer and main songwriter Jeffrey Lee Pierce it’s been revealed that it will carry the title ‘Elvis From Hell’ which was the title of a double compilation record released by Bang a couple of years ago. Pierce passed away at the young age of thirty-seven over twenty years ago.

The band was Formed in Los Angeles in 1979, the Gun Club’s style of mixing punk, blues and rootsy country have made them one of the most influential bands of the last 50 years. Influencing the likes of R.E.M., Sonic Youth and a whole host of other bands that went on to have huge success. Jack White even went as far as to say that Pierce’s songs “should be taught in school.”

The Gun Club managed over the course of their career to release seven studio albums, including ‘Fire Of Love’ and ‘Miami’, being two of the most popular best sellers. Blondie singer Debbie Harry contributing background vocals under the name D.H. Lawrence.

Directed by Heiko Lange and Jessica Andree, ‘Elvis From Hell’ will feature interviews from fans and performers such as Nick Cave, Jim Jarmusch, Mark Lanegan, Iggy Pop, Moby and Kid Congo Powers. It will also include never before seen footage of the band.

This is not the first time Pierce has been the subject of a film. Kurt Voss’ “Ghost On The Highway: A Portrait Of Jeffrey Lee Pierce And The Gun Club” was released in 2006, while 2008 saw the release of ‘Hard times Killing Floor Blues’, which chronicled Pierce’s life while he lived in London. Further details will be brought as and when released

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