Friends of RPM STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS will hit the road this MAY with one of today’s shining light breakthrough Bands DOOMSDAY OUTLAW and newcomers SILK ROAD.

2018 saw the rise of the HOOLIGANS with their critically acclaimed self titled Debut Album: released on Cargo Records last March, which caught the attention of Planet Rocks Hairy Bikers who instantly play listed the raucous track “BAD DAY”. All this solidified by storming performances across the UK.

The current touring ‘Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate’ Guitar Player has this to say to you: “It’s great to be going out with DOOMSDAY, right at the top of their game, I’m honoured! sonically there are some differences but it’ll make for one hell of a show- I love them dearly – I’m not predicting a blood bath as such — but i have brought a new mop just incase. It’s great to be also bringing SILK ROAD out to open every night, those upstarts are just killer. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!I”

Indy From Doomsday has this to say: “Doomsday can’t wait to get on the road with Stevie Pearce again having laid waste to the shires with him when we supported Love/Hate last year. The last time we saw him the night ended in violence and kebabs, so we’ll be keeping the legal team on retainer and seeing what happens.