Tex Perkins, although done with The Beasts Of Bourbon, wasn’t really done with the Beasts Of Bourbon.  All of the band’s members, past and present went into a recording studio and created ‘The Beast’. Got it? good, let’s begin.

It was more a celebratory thing he had in mind than anything else. Sadly, bassist Brian Hooper didn’t make it along as he passed away a week after the Beasts last show. Assembled in Soundpark Studio a couple of weeks later were Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola, Spencer Jones, Kim Salmon, and Tex Perkins.

Without a bunch of tunes already written and rehearsed the players went in and jammed. Songs weren’t so much learned as ideas were thrown together.  Captured were: Brian Hooper’s “What The Hell Was I Thinking”, James Baker’s “Drunk On A Train”, Boris’ “Don’t Pull Me Over”, Kim’s “Pearls Before Swine”, Tex’s “On My Back” and “Just Let Go”, and Spencer’s “At The Hospital”. There was also Zappa’s “The Torture Never Stops” and Warren Zevon’s “My Shit’s Fucked Up”  Add to that some untitled jams that became the hilarious “Your Honour” and “It’s All Lies”. This isn’t the Beasts of Bourbon. It’s the beasts something similar but not if you know what I mean.

Knocking out some choice covers as well as the jams this is a pretty cohesive record and straight from the off this record has an energy that possibly came as a result of being ill-prepared.  ‘On My Back’ is an angry little ditty that swirls, soars and sets the tone. Impressive!  ‘Pearls Before Swine’ has more excellent riff-a-rama as it builds towards the chorus then settles back down into that big dirty riff.  As for the covers inspired choices? who knows they take ownership though that much is obvious as ‘My shits Fucked Up’ is a slow burner and the low almost spoken verses contain some menace that’s totally fitting of the subject matter.

If I had to go pick a favourite I might plum for the laid back lament of ‘At The Hospital’ I love the chuckle at the end of the first verse.  It creepy crawls into your head and stays for the five-plus minutes but you keep waiting for it to lose its shit but you know that ain’t ever coming and that’s where the magic lies. To follow that with the majestic riff that is ‘Drunk On A Train’ is excellent light and shade.  Woohoos! a plenty I love it and a few Choo Choos as well Who’d have thought it?

It’s a great sounding record as well.  Slightly chaotic definitely schizophrenic but the guitars are loud and it sounds like the boys in the band are having a ball like on ‘What The Hell Was I Thinking’ it makes me smile when I hear it and Keith and Mick would be proud of their influence on this one. To close off they leave us with ‘Your Honour’ sort of a cheeky wink followed by a middle finger they did it their way and that’s the truth m’lord.  Like it or lump it the Beasts is a right banger check it out right now!

Author: Dom Daley

Performing tracks from the new album
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