The Quireboys aren’t the sort of band who are going to drop this years hottest, Radio 1 friendly album, but then again, we wouldn’t want them to be. When I hear of new Quireboys material, I want to hear raw, bluesy rock and roll. And boy… do they deliver it.

‘Original Black Eyed Son’ is a great kick-off track. I heard this song for the first time this week, live in Cardiff on their current tour with FM. It’s got all the swagger you’d expect from Spike and the boys, wrapped up in a bluesy track that would make The Black Crowes envious.

I’m a sucker for a good slide guitar part and ‘Sinner’s Serenade’ gives me just that. After all these years, this band can still rock and roll with the best of them.

‘Seven Deadly Sins’ has a fantastic groove. There’s a definite Aerosmith vibe here, the bouncy rhythm reminds me of ‘Last Child’ from the Rocks album. How can you not bob your head to this?

I’m only 4 songs in now with ‘Amazing Disgrace’ and while this record is absolutely a Quireboys record, it certainly feels that the band have experimented a little with some of the songs. This sounds like a record that the band really enjoyed making. Fantastic chorus on this song, that’s a crowd singalong waiting to happen.

Having spent some time on the road with the band myself as a support act, I’ve seen them play a few country tinged tunes live and in soundchecks, ‘Eve of the Summertime’ is the next in line of the band exploring that world. If you didn’t expect The Quireboys to pull off country, think again. Spike’s rough and ready voice is perfect for the screaming rock and roll the band is known for, but he is by no means a one trick pony. His voice is pure honesty and a track like this really lets you get into that feeling.

A sweeping piano intro takes us into ‘California Blues’, this harks back to the early Quireboys sound. This is feel-good summertime rock played the way it should be. We might’ve explored country a little on this album so far, but ‘This Is It’ takes us even deeper. Spike regularly commands a YEEHAW from the band’s audience, perhaps we’re listening to the next YEEHAW track for the bands live show?

‘Feels Like A Long Time’ sounds like a classic track from this band. This could sit next to any of the big players in the bands set. It’s got the swagger; it’s got the blues and it’s got the big chorus!

The band dives into a more hard-edged rock stomp on ‘Slave Number One’. This is certainly a head bobber of a track, the riff commands you to do so. How do you follow a hard rock song? Easy, with  another country flavoured song. ‘Dancing in Paris’ is a tender look at falling in love for the weekend. Spike once again showing that behind that hard living, rock and roll machine, sits a tender soul. His emotive and fragile vocal sound hooks you in to every single word. He’s been one of my favourite vocalists for so long for this exact reason.

‘Medusa My Girl’ rounds off this eleven track slammer from the band. This song certainly feels like a departure for the bands typical sound, it’s great to hear them venture into new sonic spaces. This has an almost celtic feel to some of the melodies, it’s not all beer drinking and hell raising with there guys!

I’ve always loved this band, I’ve always been a fan and I’ve not really disliked any part of their back catalogue, but this album to me feels like a massive step up. The band sound like they’re having the best time of their lives and I think that shows in this collection of songs. There are new textures and colours here, while still maintaining the fact that it’s a Quireboys album that is going to kick your ass.

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Author: Leigh Fuge