When we were recently asked if we would share a playlist on Spotify for a band who are friends of ours I said sure without really knowing what Spotify is all about and whilst I’d much rather people buy the records or CD’s I understand that the face of music is changing quickly in this digital super fiber world we now live in so rather than be a dinosaur and close ourselves off we have to grit our teeth and jump into the middle of the superhighway and embrace this streaming world or get left behind.


I know the artists get a shitty deal and that should change but if people are at least playing decent tunes by decent bands they might not otherwise hear then it can’t all be bad.  We would like to state right here right now that if you do hear any bands you like then please support the artists by picking up the album a song is played from or a shirt or go see a show of theirs if they pass through your town.


Starting with Basel’s Bitch Queens and their playlist of High Energy Rock and Roll check it out at the link


In case you don’t know who Bitch Queens are here check this out –