There’s some great loud rock’n’roll out there at the moment and I recently discovered another awesome band going by the name Sputnik Monroes. This four-piece featuring William on vocals and bass, Abbe Sörenson on vocals and guitar,  Jonathan Stenqvist on Guitar and drummer Joel Moberg hail from Gothenburg and have been playing their brand of action rock n fuckin’ roll since 2017. With plenty of energy and a classic rock band set up of twin guitars bass and drums, they take their craft pretty serious. Whilst they boast of their high energy live shows this debut long player proves they aren’t too shabby in the studio either.

The first track on this is entitled ‘Free Ride’ and get things off to a great start with a great guitar riff, crashing drums and driving bass everything they claimed they would achieve in the live arena has been delivered in the studio.

They follow that up next with ‘Lazy Sundays’ and there is nothing lazy about this track with more loud guitar and a great vocal.

‘Turn it up’ starts with a melodic riff and is an instant earworm which keeps the quality high. whilst ‘No time to lose’ and ‘Illusionary State’ finish off this ep and are two outstanding tracks on a very impressive EP. If your having a crisis of loud rock’n’roll this will re-engage you with your mojo and being either a long EP or short album leaves the listener wanting more. Which is a great place to be.

Overall this is a great EP that any fan of loud high energy rock music will love. 

Author: Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper


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