Hailing from The Netherlands the Heck ply a trade of Foot stomping garage punk rock where the amps are turned up to 10 and the band plays like it’s the last night on earth and you’re either with them or against them, either way, they’re using that energy to kick out the fuckin’ jams.


They waste no time at all in setting the tone as ‘Waiting In Line’ tears it up with its moon the loon drum style and reckless guitar thrashing but to follow it up with a far more measured and restrained ‘Nothing Will Do’ with its solid groove and cool guitar lick that wraps itself around the rhythm and strolls off with a real swagger about itself I think The Heck know they’re onto something and you can either join them or get out of the way because they’ll steamroller you as they ain’t stopping.


Sure the band delve back and soak up the 60’s and all it offered musically and the use of authentic shimmering guitars and Farfisa on ‘I Won’t Change’ really works and you just have to love the guitar noodling to take this sucker home.


Argh I just knew there was going to be one I had a feeling but to be fair my pet hate the instrumental rears its (not So) ugly head on ‘Panic Attack’ then they follow up with an altogether funkier beast that is ‘Turn Me Loose’.  You might be asking me to answer why would I describe them as reckless garage punks with their amps on 10 when they are getting funky and using organs, Well, let me put it to you that no bands can pound away for 40 minutes and not let a little light and shade into their record to keep things fresh and heck the Heck are no different.  sure its Garage punk rock n roll with a little Fuzztones and Sonics thrown in where need be but there’s a lot more going on under the hood as they say.  Take ‘You Call It Love’ with its rumbling bassline it soon gets its skates on for the verse and chorus I’m sure this would be awesome loud n live.


It’s a really solid album as it ebbs and flows they shift through the gears really well and whatever pace the song is at they seem really comfortable with the shift and the songs have substance as well as style and it’s a strong finish with ‘Cold As Ice’ being one of the better songs and ‘Do You Love Me?’ is possibly my favourite song on the whole record I love the vocals its soppy 60’s pop with a bit of a rough edge and sounds great.

Dirty Water has always had an ear for a great band and in 2019 it’s still the case as I’m sure The Heck will quickly get a reputation and decent following. Get on it garage folk its good and you won’t be dissapointed