Debut EP from Georgian garage rocker Rod Hamdallah has been around for a while fine tuning his craft in the dark arts of Garage rock and blues but imagine turning those amps up a little then a little better that’s where Rod is shooting from. ‘Think About It’ kicks off with the title track that is the sound of all guns blazing as the touch paper is lit and off he goes.  A wild and simple ditty ‘Think About It’ has a vibrant – loud – simple set up of guitar – bass and drums before the vocals kick in and just tear it up. to accompany that and sew the seeds of variety ‘Carry You Home’ is a twist with a darker bluesy sound adding a Whurlizer for texture and some rhythmic floor tom thumping its a great side step.  It also features Colonel J.D Wilkes from Legendary Shack Shakers who brings added soul to the party.

‘I Don’t Mind’ turns those guitars into fuzzed up overdrive heaven as the band gets their groove on as the buzz of the amps fills the speakers ‘I Don’t Mind’ brings some welcome attitude.

Flip it over side one is done. Fans of The Urban Voodoo Machine need to pay some attention right here as we get some swamp gypsy rock n soul going on with an epic widescreen western tune that is ‘Heartbeat’ it conjures up all the imagery of a tobacco chewing guy sat on the porch looking out over the savanna at the cotton fields between slugs of moonshine.  Take nothing away from Rod here because his vocal is outstanding to be fair as he sings for his supper.

To take this sucker home the amps are turned back up for some bluesy soul straight out of the garage with the records most commercial number ‘Take Me Back’ ends this brief encounter on a high as it breaks out on the chorus into some loud Rock and Roll.  Maybe a bonus tune or two wouldn’t have gone amiss but maybe not this EP is exceptionally well crafted and contains some excellent songs that cross several genres comfortably but it ebbs and flows really well.  Check it out would be my advice not to sit there and ‘Think About It’ for too long.

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Hound Gawd!

Author: Dom Daley