While many of his contemporaries and occasional sparring partners went on to play arenas, Adam Bomb’s own rock ‘n’ roll show has soldiered on relentlessly, doggedly frequenting the small clubs of the world – certainly in Europe anyway. Having played with the likes of Geoff Tate and Tommy Thayer, and rubbing shoulders with Kiss and Guns ‘n’ Roses, he could easily claim to have been hard done by. But that’s the just the way it goes. And rather than disappear into obscurity like many others from the era, he continues on with rock ‘n’ roll belief, delivering his show night after night.

Tonight in Brno is no different. The Mersey club is indeed small, but the atmosphere is great and the club is a local favourite among gig-goers. Unfortunately, due to the typical issue of people living near an old music club and complaining about it, the show must stop at 10pm. There are three bands on tonight so the show starts at a nice and early 7.15.

Understandably, I was a little late and entered the club to the electrifying Blue Movie. Hailing from New York City, this genre-bending metal band plays it loud, hard and intense. Their first time in Europe, Blue Movie weren’t about to let the early doors hold them back. Their show is full-on energy with relentless, solid metal riffing. The band tore through a crackin’ set of pummelling tunes before taking a well-earned rest. And their drummer is an absolute machine. She is fantastic.  Enjoy Europe guys!

Aside from Adam Bomb, the main reason I’d come tonight was to check out local band, Liquid Jesus. While described as glam punk, Liquid Jesus are just as much glam metal as punk – sometimes more on the side of Skid Row than New York Dolls, perhaps. Either way, there is a glam void in Brno and it is being delightfully filled by these guys. Fun and energetic, the Jesus have brought with them a loyal following who are enjoying every moment. The riffs are tight and the show is upbeat, with a great string of tunes before showing off their punk roots with a roaring cover of Dead Boy’s ‘Sonic Reducer’. Great stuff.

Another quick changeover and Adam Bomb is on stage in no time at all in order to meet the curfew. The last thing he needs is the police turning up again, judging by his recent Facebook posts about run-ins with the Swiss arm of the law. Never failing to put on a show, Bomb always looks the part no matter the size of the venue. Dressed in glitter and stars, the veteran and his band pour into his high-octane set, taking songs from throughout his rich career. Songs such as ‘I Want my Heavy Metal’, ‘Rock like Fuck’ and ‘DWI on the Info-Super Highway’ light up the stage almost as much as his pyrotechnics which had me looking for the most direct route out of there. A touching tribute to Johnny Thunders (his untimely passing remembered only days before this show) with ‘Johnny in the Sky’ is quickly followed by Thunders’ own ‘Little Bit of Whore’. A few more select numbers are wrapped up by ‘One Punch Can Change the Fight’ and more pyrotechnics, before Bomb and co move on to Prague to continue their 2019 trek around Europe. An early but great night all round.