New York Rock and Roll Gang by way of Adelaide – Women Of The Night are in fact not women at all.  Imagine That? They turn up at the office with their psychedelic-tinged garage rock schtick and we drop it on the virtual turntable and whig the fuck out!

From the opener ‘I Am Well And Missing You’ is a tasty opener and we get down with that then they kinda drop some blues and the title track is a soundscape of swirling guitars and synth effects whilst the vocals are dripping in reverb like the 60s Frisco thing never happened, man.

There are thirteen songs on offer here and they tend to drift from full-on psychedelic rock to atmospheric sons and to be fair the straighter rock and roll tunes tend to work better for me.  Songs like ‘Moscow Mansions’ are slightly trippy pop songs with a ’60s vibe for sure that’s heightened by that keyboard synth sound ala Doors. The intriguing ‘Leather Glove’ is good and ‘Brighton Beach’ sounds like its been here before in another life.


I can smell the incense and petunia oil on ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ as it lays back and just chills the fuck out. ‘Quiet Night’ and then ‘Regular Days’ could easily soundtrack a desert black and white road movie A touch of Nick Cave recorded on the East Coast with a West Coast vibe a real Jekyll and hide night and day going on here but never going full freak out and staying quite conservative for the most part throughout the record.

‘Bad Tee Vee’ is like a trippy Tom Waits experiment (and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m sure if this were the sixties early ’70s a certain Warhol would have loved having these cats drop by the loft and chill with the Undergrounds it’s that kinda experiment and whilst it won’t make my top 10 ends of year list I’ve enjoyed the trip guys no question and we need to step out of our comfort zone sometimes.

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Author: Dom Daley