Ronald Belford Scott Better known as Bon to you and I was born on this day in 1946 in Forfar, Scotland.  Emigrating to Australia eight years later.  Bon joined AC/DC in 1974 replacing Dave Evans in the band and becoming frontman for one of the biggest and most iconic Hard Rock bands ever.

THE first time Bon saw AC/DC was in August 1974. They played Adelaide at the Pooraka Hotel… Bons mate Vince urged the singer to get up on stage with the band after they were playing standards instrumentally after sacking Evans. Bon urged by his pal got up onto the stage and the rest, as they say, is history.  Like Bon, the Youngs were also Scottish, so there was an instant connection there.


That was in the October and the following February AC/DC released ‘High Voltage’, their first LP in Australia.  With Scott front and centre led the band to release iconic albums from ‘TNT’ released the same year as ‘High Voltage’ then The first AC/DC album to get released overseas was a compilation of tracks from the first two albums, also entitled ‘High Voltage’, which was released in the May  of 1976. ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ was released in the same year, but again only in Australia; The other version of the album was released in the November 1976 in the UK.  ‘Let There Be Rock’ and ‘Powerage’ before the band put out their first live album recorded in Scotland ‘If You Want Blood’ preceded Bons last album with the band the classic ‘Highway To Hell’ in 1979.

on 19 February 1980 after a visit to the Music Machine in Camden Scott was asleep in a Renault 5 in East Dulwich where events get fuzzy with several differing turns of events is alleged however what is a fact is Scott was pronounced dead and whether it was caused by alcohol and choking on his vomit or caused by class A drug overdose the sad fact remained that Rock and Roll had lost one of its biggest characters and best frontmen.  Death by misadventure seemed like the only way Scott was ever going to leave this world and wasn’t one you could imagine getting old.

Today spin a classic DC track and toast one hell of a voice or pick up Jesse Finks book ‘Bon’ the definitive biography of a Legend no question about that folks.  Bon Scott Rest In Peace and thanks for the tunes. I hope there’s a party to celebrate your Birthday whenever you rest.


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Oh and before we forget happy 21st the ‘Kid’ Duncan Reid.  One time Boys bass player and singer, one time Ramone  Happy Birthday Duncan Reid.