When you profess to have crawled from the depths of Surf garage punk Rock n Roll and then you get Blag to co-produce you, of course, we’re gonna be all over that like a cheap suit, yes sir. this being the band’s fourth album I have given myself extra homework because I’m disappointed with myself for not hearing these cats sooner –  going almost a decade, they’ve done well to hide their talents for so long. You naughty boys.

As soon as ‘Love Is A Numbers Game’ has finished slinking its hips out of the gate with some cool shakers and organ wheeze we’re off! the vocals are spat out in a Jim Jones kinda way.  Its gonna be a journey for sure, from the laid back cool it’s into the wild and reckless and back around again for a really impressive introduction to the Atom Age. ‘Cry Til You Die’ is up and running folks and its promising to be a wonderful surprise that’s just give, give, give.

‘We Disappear In The Night’ has got that surf reverb but a healthy dose of The Cramps being put through a pissed-off garage punk rock mixer and I like it – a lot! Oh, and another thing ‘Never Looking’ reminds me of Rocket From The Crypt sure that might be due to the surf guitar and dueling saxophone but I’m happy with that comparison and its the second single off the album and one that in a just world would do really well – damn its even got handclaps on it for fucks sake!

The songs hit you thick and fast and little rhythms or sequences jump out every listen from the Hives tempo-n-stomp on ‘Blink Twice’.  Damn, by the time we’re only halfway through this record I’m impressed from the first play right up to the umpteenth play the Organ stabs and saxophone tootin’ interplay on the first single ‘Walk Through Walls’ is infectious and bloody addictive. OK, so we’re onto side two already (time flys when you’re having this much fun)  and that garage Rock and Roll is taking hold ‘Bloodletting’ is cool then we’re into some groovy Rock and Roll with the excellent ‘Lost On Me’ where the howling loony blues distortion on those vocals work a treat.

These Oakland boys are taking us for a day down by the beach with the garage surf of ‘Bad Seeds’ is a wild ride into the raucous ‘When I Crawl Back’ which then leaves just one last hurrah and the bass throbbing ‘Nobody knows You (When You’re Blacking Out)’   and the curtain is brought down on a mighty fine record.  One I had no expectations for but I’m gonna shout from the rooftops using a loud hailer if you love rock and Roll with some horns and a bit of Organ and plenty of attitude ‘n’ rock and roll scuzz then get in here and fill yer fuckin boots ‘Cry Til You Die’ is a modern-day masterpiece of how to do the whole garage surf rock n roll thang and do it with as much cool as possible. Pick up your copy without delay its a banger (as the kids say)


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Author: Dom Daley