Spike Fuck releases this brief collection of rock and roll songs about drug addiction and self-reflection.  It has touches of Lou Reid in amongst the synth and guitars maybe its the storytelling style of the vocals but we recently featured the opener ‘Junkie Logic’ where Spike lays her cards on the table in a candid way and the soppy pop song works well with the duet vocals of works well over the synth drums. Dark yet quite light if that makes any sense at all?

‘Guts’ is like a pound shop David Sylvian from skid row but rolled in glitter.  Spike Fuck has a talent and through the frank and dark lyrics, she’s created something quite beautiful. Australia does it again and is churning out one great record after the other it would seem and this brief collection is another string to that bow of diverse dark yet creative folk down under. ‘Tomorrow We Get Healthy’ seems like a good place to be and I love the way it builds but always remains chilled.

My personal favourite track on offer is the guitar-driven duet of ‘3.30 Psychosis’ another from the lower east side around the turn of the ’70s vibe but the duet really works throughout and it’s refreshing that it doesn’t get loud or add other instruments to the sparse plucked guitar and organ chords.  Great song.   Elyse Beer, Claudette Justice-Allen & Elliot  Munn lend their voices well and Elliot also providing synth and programming this is a bleak yet warm slice of the wrong side of the street Get straight Spike Fuck and make more music your good at it and I’d like to hear more. final song ‘Body Crystal’ offers more of the same just alternative rock and roll done from the street and the heart.  go check it out.