the people who bring you Camden Rocks have been busy setting up a host of club nights in The English Capital at Camdens Monarch through September and beyond.  Bringing the best of the bands who recently blew crowds away at the Camden Rocks Festival this past summer .
September 7th at The Monarch
The Dirty Strangers + Angerland + 10 Gauge + Black Lightning + White Raven Down
September 14th at The Monarch
River Hounds + Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison + Louis Coupe + Five Points Gang
September 21st at The Monarch
Modern Hinterland + The Crooked Kings + Maxx Palmer + The Knievel Dead + The Good Tenants + Aiko
September 28th at The Monarch
Healthy Junkies + Rich Ragany & The Digressions + The Creeping Terrors + Prisoners Of Mother England
October 5th at The Monarch
Sinka + Juicebox + Jonny Weathers + Namsaké + State Wild + Plain Sales + Catalina Skies + Candidates + Planet 3
October 19th at The Monarch
Introspective + Strangeload + Floral Schoppe + Jerry + J.O.B.
Event: TBC
December 7th at The Monarch
The Kut + Bexatron + Weekend Recovery + The Brandy Thieves + Empty Friend
FB Event: TBC













































































































































January 19th at The Monarch

Bad Solution + Sweet Crisis + Death Valley Knights + Acts Of Vengeance + Two Year Break + Of Allies + Black Roze + Parabyss
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