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T&M are hoping to have the LPs available to post by the end of December or early 2020 it’ll be available on Vinyl (with insert and digital download code) CD (with 16 booklet) as well as a digital download.

If you can’t wait to get your fill of Janus Stark then fear not pop pickers because Time & Matter are selling the first album in their online shop along with other merch from the band just click the link to visit the page Here

Led by former Prodigy, English Dogs, U.K. Subs and Steve Ignorant guitarist Gizz Butt, Janus Stark return with their second album after a 20-year hiatus. This stunning new album really does set the guitar-led punk-rock world alight, with Gizz’s versatility and virtuoso six-string pyrotechnics more aflame and to the fore than ever, with the four-piece band equally on fire, they also have much to say via their thought-provoking socio-political, and highly personal lyrical content on an album you’ll love and repeatedly play… Dave Grohl once described Janus Stark as “a great melodic kick up the arse…” Little has changed on that front. Prepare to have your arse kicked all over again.

As with the debut album, legendary U.K. Subs frontman CHARLIE HARPER has co-written a song on the album and plays harmonica and provides backing vocals on some of the new tracks… Be sure to also check out the Janus Stark Facebook page

Janus Stark initially existed between 1996-2002, formed at the same time Gizz was also guitarist for The Prodigy in their ‘Fat Of The Land’ period, scoring a number one album in 38 countries in 1997. In the same year, Janus Stark recorded their debut album ‘Great Adventure Cigar’ which spawned the hit USA single ‘Every Little Thing Counts’ reaching No. 32 in the Billboard Top 40. Fast forward to 2018 and Gizz Butt decided to reform Janus Stark asking Richard Gombault of 90s Pop Punk trio Midget to join along with long-standing close friends Fozzy Dixon and Simon Martin.

The album will include a leaflet for the mental health MIND charity’s ‘Stop Suicide’ campaign, and in support of this, Gizz has penned a moving essay revealing his own personal struggles with mental health which is part of the LP insert, along with hand written lyrics to all the songs. With a prestigious support tour with THE WILDHEARTS and THE PROFESSIONALS coming up in October 2019, as well as numerous gig dates booked for the next 6 months, 2020 looks set to see Janus Stark rise again like a phoenix from the ashes…

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The oil painting featured on the album cover was painted by Gizz’s talented daughter Astrid, of which there are various meanings within, which augment some of the themes running through this album’s song-lyrics.