If you like Giuda (really! What a dumb question), then look no further for your next fix of 70s flavoured pop goodness. At this point, I’m assuming you are aware of the talents of their lynchpin and guitarist/vocalist, Lorenzo Moretti. Not content with running the well-oiled Giuda tune machine, he’s teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Tarli, who’s son contributes drums on this debut collaboration. Sterbus completes the line up on bass duties.

While ‘ZAC’ isn’t a million miles away from Lorenzo’s main job, it’s different enough to keep it fresh, and there is an air of optimism in their sound. ‘Count On Me’ is a breezy, Hammond infused opener, the kind of ear-worm we’ve come to expect from Lorenzo. Here, he’s committed to full technicolour pop, the album is often piano-led. ‘Not Anymore’ is a case in point, like prime-era Slade. ‘What If You Don’t’ could almost be ‘Here Comes The Sun’ at first, before mutating into a Glitter Band middle eight.

‘Superhero’ has a hint of the ‘Roobarb’ theme tune, while ‘There She Goes Again’ and ‘I Got Something In My Mind’ both remind me of The Rubettes. No complaints here! ‘Stay Up All Night’ even references 1974, ‘Wild Love’ is anything but; a classic, bouncing bass line. We veer towards the ballad on ‘Girl On The Train’, and ‘When You Go To Bed’ has an infectious bassline melody, while the power chords recall ‘Hello, Hooray’.

As ever, Lorenzo chooses his influences carefully. It’s never heavy-handed or overt unless it’s meant that way. This is a fun, yet classy album, which indicates the breadth of his talent. If I get to see ZAC supporting Giuda, I’ll be very happy.

Author: Martin Chamorette

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