When a band gets in touch and says they’re influenced by a bunch of bands that pretty much name for name are the very same bands that are the heartbeat of your record collection why the fuck wouldn’t you jump on board and take them for a spin.  Well The Slop did just that and when I sat back with my pencil and a piece of paper in hand whilst the music jumped out of the speakers I had to sit up and give it my full attention because they do have The Cramps and Chuck Berry propping up their sound with just enough of That Ramones and Dead Boys DNA coursing through their veins. They’ve mainlined the likes of The Stones and Chuck Berry alongside plenty of Iggy and Stiv and its coursing through their veins into their DNA.  The Opener ‘Halloween’ is a sloppy Ramones meets Poison Ivy kinda junk vibe and an honest as the day is long grasp on what its all about.  but hey it gets better because ‘Godzilla’ is another romp on the wrong side of the tracks that goes faster and louder than the opener its rolled in trash and spat out lo-fi n all.  Its a lot of fun I know that much.

‘You and Me’ has a grand melody that’s been taken out the back and given a good kicking after the drums sound like they’ve been dragged behind a truck It’s a minute and a half of unbridled joy in audio form I know that much and ‘Feel So Good’ is everything you need to know in a song title.  It does exactly what it says on the tin with a Stooges rhythm hashed out through broken speakers it’s not in the gutter but if it drinks anymore it might be. There is a hint of Gunfire Dance going on here folks and it feels great.

The lyrics are as throwaway as the beer cans I guess and I’m hearing Baby a lot and I like that. ‘Airwaves’ is a Ramones melody they must have picked up from the ether that blew over from the LES.  Its a glorious bit of trash that gets into your ear and burrows deep but you like it, you like it a lot but only until ‘Rocker’ turns up.  Covering DC in the style that Chuck Berry intended it to be played is a beautiful thing.   It’s rapid and dangerous to know – simply irresistible from the screams to the solo you need this in your life.

It’s not just noise for the sake of noise damn you could dance to ‘Oh Yeah’ if you wanted to but be careful you don’t put a hip out or slip in those Cuban heels. You also get a lot of bang for your buck as well with fifteen songs on offer and it’s not front-loaded or gimmicky at all because my favourite is the snotty street fighter ‘I Can’t Take It’ with its choppy riff and brisk tempo and songs like ‘So Sick’ are like a bad bump or is that a good bump whatever its another cracker. But hey I’m outta breath, I can’t keep up with ‘Slop Bop’ is chaos reigning supreme over a traditional riff that Brian James would have been proud to lay down once upon a time. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you honestly really really like your Rock and Roll a little sloppy and a little bit dangerous and you haven’t gone soft and you still love noise with melodies and a bit of rhythm then you really do need to jump on this album its that good boy n girls.  As its that time of year as well why not ask Santa nicely for a copy I’m sure he’d love to deliver you one.


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Author: Dom Daley