I can’t remember where or when I first heard Red Arms it might well have been one late night when I vanished down a Bandcamp wormhole and just happened across ‘Better Than Nothing’ the second track on ‘Critical State’. Maybe the first thing I noticed was they were Canadian and to be fair they throw up more than their fair share of great records in recent years.  Post punk, Power pop or alt rock  whatever you want to call it  Red Arms dish it up in spades and have made a most excellent long player.

I’ll level with you I don’t know anything about the band when I went looking for details and previous work I struggled to find anything  so it was a real discovery for me .I hear some Husker Du and The Who as well as more modern alternative bands like some Buffalo Tom and Anti Flag as well for good measure so a real melting pot but the production is bright and the songs sound well constructed and worked on. The album kicks off with ‘Post Punk’ which has something of a Stooges riff and rhythm about it and to be fair its more No Means No or Fugazi than anything else.  Its got energy for an opener and it’ll reel you in for sure. As the record unfolds the songs tend to settle down to mid paced efforts but with strong melodies and harmonies take ‘All This Noise’ as an example.

‘Midwinter’ builds around a bass rumble but a bit of an epic as the first minute takes its time to get going but by the second minute things get rockin’.  To be fair the second half of the album only gets stronger for me and I love the groove they get in on  ‘Pathetic Charms’. If you like a thumping bass rumble then ‘Huckster’ is for you before it starts thrashing around it ebbs and flows through some tempo changes.

To be fair I hear different influences on every play but they’ve managed to create a really listenable sound with a bunch of top tunes. Red Arms are another fine string to Canada’s impressive bow of Rock and Roll bands strutting their stuff this being immersed in the alternative underground but full to bursting with excellent melodies and tunes.  Go check em put but don’t hold me responsible for starting you off down that wormhole of discovery but it will be worth it.


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Author: Dom Daley