End of the year is when album come out that tend to pile up as they come thick and fast and this year it’s easy for one or two to sneak under the radar and to my eternal shame ‘Nastygram Sedation’ is one that snook under and fell down the cracks but to be fair it was only by a few weeks and you can thank me later for reminding you about this little beauty.


With a bright production, this third long-player is their best not because its the most recent but they’ve managed to have gotten better each time which is pretty much the reason to make a new record anyway isn’t it? Sure they don’t stray from what it is they do (’77 Punk if you’re looking for something to hang it on)  but, the songs just seem more (dare I Say It) mature or better written, more professional whatever… You know what I mean. They’ve really nailed that snotty punk rock Steve Jones guitar Chug with some great pop sensible melodies and Bev has really come into his own with his vocals which is probably the main difference from record to record, he’s using his voice so well and varying it to great effect. take ‘Shut up You Slave’ for example. then, to follow it with a fantastic stomper ‘MSP’ again nothing new sound-wise (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it)  but a really energetic song with an easy chorus to get into.

It’s a record that bursting with energy all over the place the album’s opener is a prime example, a right proper slab of glam-punk if ever there was one.  If you listen closely you can hear Stiv tapping his foot in recognition of their efforts. Wherever you drop the needle there will be quality.  At the top of the record, you have the catchy ‘Dead Dogs Dancing In Your Eyes’ (Fuck Knows what its about? I’m not bothered its a top tune)

They go out with a bang as ‘We’ve Come to Destroy’ takes you home at a gallop as it thunders towards the finish line.  A fantastic way to end any year is with some good music and 2019 might not have been to everyone’s liking but rest assured if every album was as good as this bad boy then you’d say punk rock was in rude health and you would be absolutely bang on the money.  Top band – top album.

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Author: Dom Daley