Dboy are a bunch of low slung masked maniacs ripping the balls out or early Turbonegro, Deadboys, and Dwarves. Instantly recognisable and equally as disturbing, this Canadian trio has a 13 point program to end sonic austerity. Dboy is here and now!


Hot on the heels of last year’s  ‘Ass Cobra’, uhhhh, I mean ‘Prove Your Love – Live in Belem’, Dboy blast into 2020 with ‘ New Records In Human Power’, a collection of 12 tasty chunks of filth and fury. Recorded by the legendary (?!!?) Steve Albini and presented here on super hot splatter vinyl. This thing is rough, raw and ready to fuck your world.


Screaming out of the blocks, ‘Why Do You Only Luv a Dboy’ is 54 seconds of pure skull-cracking fun. No time wasted baby, just a pounding riff and a razor-sharp hook. That said, by comparison, the opening tune is an epic compared to the 25 seconds of ‘Thumbless’ and 32 seconds of ‘Gimps Don’t Limp’. Fist in the air, balls to the wall stuff. This stuff will rip it up live when the band stumbles into your local sweaty shit hole club.


‘Performance Horses’ breaks the minute barrier, even with its false start. Boasting a great angular riff serving as its hook, it kind of puts you in mind of an evil Hives. Tasty stuff.


None of the tunes hang around for long. It’s straight out of their brain and into your pants !!!


Lead video track ‘Red Ultrglide’ is a regular 2-minute tune that’s anything but regular. It shines like a fallen star caught in the gutter. I guess you could say it’s a bit Lux Interior murders Bleach era Nirvana-ish but hell it even has a key change. None sexier.


‘DBoy Sells’ is the sound of the Devil’s beat group, taking us all to the halfway point of ‘New Records In Human Power ‘ within 6 minutes of the needle first caressing the vinyl


I like ‘Scavangers Of Luv’ a lot. You can feel the twang of the knee level bass. Fuck it, I’m listening to this one again. “Oh here we go again, the dboys of your heart, The perfect candidates to tear your city apart”. Fuck yeah. ‘Money Talks’ carries the torch in the same vein. We’ve broken the 2-minute barrier again. This must be the prog side ‘coz there’s even time for a guitar solo on this bad boy !!!


‘Full On’ spits out tales of sex, violence and stylish clobber, while ‘Hips’ is a full-on call to arms. No verse – chorus – verse – chorus here, just a gut level lyrical assault. Another stand out tune in a pound shop treasure trove of dirty dirty RocknRoll.


Turbo has it in blue, The Hip Priests have it in black but Dboy have their ‘White Denim’. Full force and ferocious but hitting the spot again.


‘Love Will Always Find You’ brings down the final curtain with a mega Ramones blast. Short and sweet, blink and it’s gone…… but not forgotten.


There are only 300 copies of this bad boy on splatter so get in there quick or pay over the odds when it hits Discogs.

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Author: Fraser Munro