The official music video for ‘Round the Bend’ is out now, featuring work from the talented Michael Roberston and Toon53 productions. Working on it was a fucking dream and we’re stoked to show it you!

🔥 ’Round The Bend’ is about being at the very edge of your emotional strength, I guess. I wrote it when I was at a breaking point of sorts, where I felt like what I’d been trying to make happen with the band for 12 years, wasn’t in fact going to happen… 🔥

The band are also pleased to announce a full U.S. tour. An artist presale from today. Use the code BACKFOOT. Get em before they’re gone!!

Don’t forget they will also be hitting up the UK including🔥FUCKING HEADLINE SHOWS🔥in Leeds AND London!!!

Head to the website for all the details!!