Fuck me sideways this has to be the rawest loudest punk rock n roll record recorded since the Damneds debut.  Moron’s Morons turn everything into the red and hit those guitars hard.  It’s fast it’s loud its uncompromising but above all its addictive.  Punk as Fuck as one of my learned friends would put it.  The drums are like St Angers biscuit tins if John Bonham was playing them until they turned to dust.


These Warsaw punks aren’t fucking about it’s full tilt from the first bass thump to the last howl of guitar on this their debut full length and boy what a rush. I’m not sure they’re looking for danger here because by the sounds of it they found it.  ‘Wonderlust’ is a minute and a half of a band windmilling its way to the finish line. It’s not all out of control hanging on by a thread adrenalin Rock n Roll because ‘sidewalk Service’ is a little slower – more measured. It’s bordering on heading the way of the others but the scuff on the guitar riff and the steady beat of the drums is cool and are those handclaps I hear? that’s it, I fuckin’ love this record right there. Top tune.

‘Rate Your Teacher’ is fuckin’ terrifying then ‘You Put Hot In Psychotic’ is a blast with its distorted huge riff really tearing it up with the used and abused Chuck Berry licks but dipped in speed and driven like a demolition derby right through the speakers – Wonderful stuff.

An appropriate title if ever there was one is ‘Noise Addiction’ comes on like Motorhead but way more out of control and punk rock.  There’s nothing new going on here it has been done a million times I guess, but every now and then you make a connection and man I’m glad ‘Looking For Danger’ found its way into my speakers. Like their fellow purveyors of filthy punk rock n roll The Cavemen Moron’s Morons don’t do half measures its all in or fuck off as they perfectly display on ‘Addicted To Homicide’ they’ve even got a rapid romp entitled ‘Suicide Motherfucker’ that’s relentless and tasteless but I guess that’s their MO anyway.

One that tickled my fancy is the wonderfully titled ‘Poor Man’s Riffs And Ten Years Too Late’ which got me thinking these cats should take The Hip Priests on tour of Poland and Eastern Europe that’ll be like a dream team of filthed up punk n roll right there.  There’s even a minute (literally) to chuck in a heartfelt ode to the listener entitled ‘Fuck You’ before this record melts the wax it’s pressed on.  Penultimately they go prog punk on us with a song clocking in at almost five minutes! Five fuckin’ minutes what are they thinking? Lucky for them it’s awesome. The break down is a slick of magic bass riffing and hail satan lyrics but I bet you weren’t thinking it was called ‘Driller Killer’ though were you?

To take this record home ‘The Man Who Drank Too Much’ is a lesson in boozing – it’s not straying from the tried and tested of the rest of this record but you do need to know its another bit of magic.  Yobish, juvenile, obnoxious and totally wonderful for all those reasons and more.  Moron’s Morons have knocked out one hell of a record and if you still have a beating heart and crave loud guitars played hard then what on Gawds earth are you waiting for go pick this up for fuck’s sake!


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Author: Dom Daley