We’ve reviewed the album and loved it.  Now check out their new video Hot off the press. ‘Citrus Blast’  ACID BLOOD is a band from Umeå, Sweden, featuring ex-members of AC4, The Vectors, Raging Steel and The T-55s Facebook  / Instagram

Taken from the new album “Stay Gold” out on Dragstrip Riot Records. Estonias Dead Furies warm-up for their dates in the UK with this tasty banger of a tune and video – VINYL/DIGITAL: Bandcamp



The Bobby Lees‘ new record Skin Suit was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion and will be released on Alive Naturalsound Records on May 8th.  Website  / Facebook

So, ”Doojiman & The Exploders II: Electric Boogaloo” was released on Jan 24th this year by Beluga Records in Sweden. It’s the 2nd full-length album by Doojiman & The Exploders and follows up on 2016’s “Sweden’s Newest Hitmakers”.

‘Electric Boogaloo’ is one of those records you pick up knowing nothing about it and who they are. You decide to check it out and drop the needle and throw caution to the wind.  Boy was I glad I did.  I love it when a Rock and Roll record kicks you up the arse and leaves you with a five-mile smile not quite knowing what the fuck it is you just heard but it felt good, no, felt fan-fuckin’-tastic.  Rock and Fuckin’ Roll records might not be selling like hotcakes and the kids might want to stream the odd song or two but I love a record that throws caution to the wind and just writes songs that come to them from the ether and those stars align and the tunes all sound amazing, fun, cool, out there and so Rock and Roll.

The easiest way to describe Doojiman & The Exploders is they take a vile of DNA from the likes of some pretty good ’60s &’70s Punk, Rock, Garage, Pop and a whole lot more chuck em together and see what happens.  They take risks because that’s what Rock and Roll does sometimes.  They throw it in a suitcase along with a bunch of makeup and glitter and roll down the hillside of life and see what happens when they hit the bottom.  Dust themselves down and march back to the top again with a pocket full of tunes.

MC5, Stooges The New York Dolls, and some Ramones and they’re not just a retro trip they also bump elbows with bands like Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, and some indie just because they can. From the uptempo opener, they touch on the likes of Green Day post ’21st Century Breakdown’.  ‘Buzzkill’ is a band channeling Keith Richard tone and playing rock and roll that should be on the radio all the time but isn’t so we’ll have to make do.

It’s not all kicking ass and party tunes you know as ‘From Myself’ is an early morning come down with West coast melodies. But wait, ‘Spiderman’ should be a hit – there’s still time. This record sounds like it must have been a blast to record, there is such an upbeat vibe happening even the psychedelic tweaks here and there like on ‘Dogs’ have me tapping my feet and did they really just put in barking samples? The album climbs the dizzy heights and swoops down for the quieter parts. ’29’ is cool with the 60s vocal treatment and melody as the rest of the band just strum along. ‘You Wanted Blood’ Who doesn’t? is a spaced out ride and a more mature sounding song these cats remind me of Razorbats at times and have a similar songwriting style. Mixing up the genres for the good of the music. From the start to the Numan synth fuzz out of the final track ‘FTPA’ I don’t always get what it might be they’re singing about but I like the cut of their jib and at times they rock like motherfuckers and when they don’t the songs are interesting and most listenable and that’s always a good thing.  Take a chance on these guys because Doojiman & The Explodes have released a mighty fine album crammed full of top tunes that need to be heard – damn they deserve to be heard.  go check em out and pick it up.

Facebook / Spotify / Instagram / Youtube / Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Author: Dom Daley

Having played the last couple of Rebellion Festivals and turning the Opera House into the DeRellaDome we thought it was time to fire some questions at founder and Bass player Timmy DeRella. When we spoke at the last Rebellion last August with one thing or another we never quite got together to have that chat.
As we leap into a brand new decade we finally catch up and all isn’t as it seems in camp DeRella with the ever-revolving Revolving door turning and another two new faces emerge with big changes in the band.  I’ll let Timmy fill you in…”As you know, I’m now fronting The DeRellas – which is probably something I should have done when Robbie left the band.  It’s a pity things didn’t work out with Joe, he’s a good guy, he has great style and we did some brilliant gigs together, but we had different ideas.  The new lineup is fab – we have Luca on lead guitar of course and a new rhythm guitarist – Marky T, formerly in London glam band The Bad Girls and more recently starring as Steve Jones in The Sex Pistols Experience  (he looks very fetching with a knotted hanky on his head, how could we say no..?!).  And I’m pleased to say that Steve Grainger (Chelsea) will be playing drums on the new album and hopefully playing a few gigs with us – true rock n roll.  So I might fall on my arse with the singing but it’ll be 100% the band I want it to be.”
So there you have it folks that’s where we are as of February 2020. Soooo, onto the questions, I originally had seeing as a whole bunch are now irrelevant.
Tell us when did you first pick up the bass and why the bass?
Not until I was 21 – I had tried to play drums and keyboards first, I just wanted to get a band started as quickly as possible.
You’ve put out a couple of albums on cd and vinyl and a few singles you always kept it real and never bowed down to going digital and kept true to releasing records.  Is it important for you to keep making records? And 7″ singles?
Vinyl rules but you have to be realistic about the future and about costs.   Our new single ‘Soho Hotel’ is currently on download only (check it out on CDBaby), but it will defo be on the shiny new vinyl album.  
Yourself and Luca have been the mainstays in the band how does the writing process go?
Luca and I just get together – I will have some lyrics or even just a title, he’ll have a guitar riff and we come up with songs.  We’ve always worked well together.  Sometimes some lines or a riff will be sitting around for a while until something clicks into place.  
The latest line up of the band is really strong and the last Rebellion Festival performance was by far the best I’ve ever seen you guys or any line ups that have performed under the band name. How do you see that performance?
Obviously the line up has changed since you asked me that question!   Billy’s joined The Godfathers and I’m now fronting the band.   Last year’s Rebellion was brilliant, but we can only get better.   
It’s a big old stage in the “DeRella Dome” that is the opera house but you guys made it feel intimate what other venues have you loved playing?
We’ve played some legendary venues – although one of our most mental nights was in an old garage in Liege!   Favourite places – Freakshow in Essen, 100 Club in London of course, Bannermans in Edinburgh, Wild at Heart in Berlin, Mondo Bizzaro in Rennes, the Wurlitzer in Madrid.. and I have to mention Rockaway Beach at the Hope & Anchor, Islington (the club night I run with my missis).  But it’s down to the people – the punters of course, and the owners and promoters who put their heart and their wallets on the line to keep a venue alive.  It’s tough and good places are closing all the time because of developers, local noise laws, etc..   Support your local venue, kids!
What’s next for the band? A new album?
Yep, the new album is well underway — hopefully out this summer.   The new songs sound brilliant.   We have a video out any day now for Soho Hotel, and we’ll be promoting the album in the second half of the year, but before that, we are booked for Scotland Calling in April and we’ll do a few dates around that.  And we’ll be back at Rebellion again of course.
Who would you say are your biggest influences musically and bass playing-wise?
Clash, Manics, Hanoi, Bauhaus, Banshees, Heartbreakers, Adam and the Ants, Lords of the New Church…  
You guys always look as if you’re having the best time onstage is it as much fun as it looks?
It has to be fun.   Like Viv Savage (Spinal Tap) says “have a good time all the time”
The last ep was your strongest work and ‘high rise’ is a great track are there many new tracks demo’d?
The new album is going to have more of a High Rise Supersize feel.   We got a little bit of stick for being political when High Rise came out, but it’s a tough world out there.  We just want people to have a voice, not take things lying down, to ‘stick it to the man’.  
That’s all for now from The DeRellas but rest assured we’ll be back for more when the record is ready for release until then check out the most excellent ‘Soho Hotel’ and we wish the band all the success and extend that to Billy and Joe.
Currently only available on download through CD Baby
Pic of Timmy courtesy of ‘David Newbold’

‘Teenage Wildlife’ sees Ash not so much wanting to call it a greatest hits package more a biography.  ‘Teenage Wildlife’ traces the band’s recording career from the teenage days of the debut ‘Jack Names The Planets’ through to the likes of the last album ‘Islands’ and the track ‘BuzzKill’.

Ash has always been a top of the pops botherer and the fact that there are thirteen Top 40 singles included in this here “Biography” is a quite remarkable achievement for a guitar band. Of course, classics like ‘Girl From Mars’, ‘Gold Finger’, and ‘Oh Yeah’ are all present and correct but that’s just part of this here “Biography”.

Ash fans (ones with more than a passing interest in a track or two) will be more interested in the inclusion of nineteen-tracks of rarities, including a version of The Buzzcocks’ classic ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays; (featuring Coldplay’s Chris Martin) never thought I’d be typing his name and his bands name on RPM in a positive light. But, hey ho we’re a broad church and everybody is capable of redemption. The amazing cover of “that” undertones classic ‘Teenage Kicks’ (perfect for Ash not due to their geography but its a song that could have been written for the band) and the collection’s infamous title track to name a few included here.

Through the youthful wild days, and the Ivor Novello award wins, and their numerous top 20 albums. Ash keep going about their business penning great songs and great albums and always seeming to let the music do their talking. The fact that this collection comes out in various formats with cool innovative artwork, it’s no mean feat that there is a three-CD set with well over fifty songs (fifty-four to be precise) on that version compared to the (slender in comparison) Vinyl version, ‘Teenage Wildlife’ is as good as any compilation album gets and one that a lot of hard work and thought has clearly gone into.

If Ash isn’t a band you think you like but then on hearing a track or two remember you do quite like, then, this is for you. Besides, they’ve always been great live always come up with great records and alongside the albums, they released great singles and this is proof of that.

I guess being demanding and a bit greedy it might have been nice to have included stuff like the quirky ukelele version of ‘Kung Fu’ or ‘Girl From Mars’ and maybe a live track or two to showcase how good they are live. But like I said having fifty-four tracks on this release maybe I’m asking for the moon on a stick as well.  I know, I’ll leave it there.  To buy or not to buy?  No brainer, Just buy it! You’ll be singing along in no time regardless of if your an ash virgin or someone who forgot how bloody good they are.

Available as limited Lenticular vinyl edition, double vinyl, double CD and special Lenticular 3 CD set including 18 track rarities CD

Buy ‘Teenage Wildlife’ Here
Author: Dom Daley

Always a nice feeling to run across a band that makes an immediate feeling, The Fame made me immediately want to hear more. Their Facebook likes currently hover around 1,500 people, but that number should increase if people get exposed to this debut EP. There is a strong 90’s rock influence running through this which made me realize that 1995 was freaking 25 years ago. I am not sure if I feel really old now or that I went through some sort of time warp. The Fame also channel older artists and lace these songs with plenty of melody and hooks. Hailing from Toronto, the band members met by chance and have been building a following by working both sides of the Canadian and United States border.

Opening track ‘Wide Awake’ is one of those rare songs where the first thing that stood out to me was the drum pattern (Rodrigo), and I was immediately pulled into a song that recalls the likes of Tonic. This song is laced with harmonies that recall the world before smart phones and would have likely been a hit at the time. What makes this song and EP even better is that it is just proof that a good song is a good song regardless of the year as this song would likely appeal to modern rock fans too. The title track follows with a slightly subdued approach that had me scribbling down the Strokes as a reference point with this one having more of an indie rock feel than the opener. I like that it adds muscle to its frame as it goes, and that chorus just constantly saws deeper into your head with each play. That run on the guitar (Yu) at the end before it concludes is rather awesome to my ears too.

Part of what I really like about these guys is Brandon’s voice (also guitar) which has similarities to other artists but doesn’t sound like anyone in particular. He uses it in a variety of ways with it sometimes feeling a little sloppy such as in the verses of ‘Cherry Lipstick’ and then he hits some gorgeous melodies in the same song. This one packs a 90’s style chorus with some catchy guitar, including a very effective solo. I like how they transition into a quieter bridge too as it creates even more dynamics in this earworm. ‘Vacant Curiosity’ ups the tempo, and I have no doubt that it is even better live as I could see the tempo being even faster there. The rhythm section of Rodrigo and Andrew (bass) do great work here.

Wrapping up the EP is probably my favorite song which recalls the likes of the Beatles and if you want to move forward from them I also hear the likes of Oasis. This could have easily been a way over the top chorus to make it super polished for radio. Instead, that gorgeous chorus sets in the music perfectly and really creates a magical moment. It provides some real character to a song that could open up some doors for them to a much larger set of ears.

This EP will stay in heavy rotation throughout this year with me likely using these songs across a variety of playlists I create. It’s even super affordable so check it out and give these guys some of your time.

‘Maybe, Tomorrow’ is out now.



Author: Gerald Stansbury

Ah, the blues. There are generally two kinds; the slick, middle-aged, carpet slippers variety, and the real deal. If you have a passing acquaintance with Damaged Goods records, you will know that Billy Childish, in all his various guises, is one of Britain’s most prolific musicians. You will also know that he is the real deal. As far as it is possible for an artist to be the real deal; he is all too aware of the dichotomy.


While I am a fan, I am nowhere near owning his back catalogue. It is simply immense. Any given year, blink, and you’ll miss several of his albums. This, the third album by The Chatham Singers, is “less country, no poetry” and full of primal, dirty blues riffs. Simple, to the point of cave-dwelling, as is the production. Perfect.


The trio of Billy, Julie and Wolf are joined here by Jim Riley; a harmonica player of no small talent. The twelve songs, originals and covers, are like hearing the nascent, blues hungry Stones first practices in a scout hall, minus the glossy sheen. Yes, this is skeletal blues from the deeply odd Medway delta.


‘The Good Times Are Killing Me’, and Slim Harpo’s ‘Got Love If You Want It’ put the harmonica to good use, the guitar taking a back seat. ‘Ranscombe Farm Boogie’ evokes a rhythm of ‘Shake Your Hips’. There is a stark version of his classic ‘All My Feelings Denied’, and ‘Wiley Coyote’ is at ‘Little Red Rooster’ tempo.


‘Why Did I Destroy Our Love?’ ups the pace, before the album’s dark jewel that is ‘My Love For You’. Sinister and brooding, it stands apart from the other songs, for me. A great case of “I really wish I’d written that”.


‘What’s Wrong With Me’ and ‘You Wonder Why I’m Hurting’ bring it all to a swampy ending. It’s safe to say I listened to far too much blues at a young age, so I’m fussy now about what I’ll risk listening to. Where can you go after Slim Harpo and Little Walter? But, if you’re in the mood, this is the stuff.


Buy ‘King Of The Medway Delta’ Here





I’ve seen The Wildhearts in many venues across the country over the last 28 years, but never at their hometown gig in The Toon. So when a co-headline tour with Sweden’s finest the Backyard Babies was announced, it was a toss-up between Manchester or Newcastle for me, I opted for the latter for no other reason than it was the first date of the UK leg of this tour. A 2-hour car journey is a small price to pay for an evening in the company of 2 of my favourite rock ‘n’ roll bands.


It’s been 20 years since Camp Kill Yourself first gained recognition through Jackass on our TV screens and there has been a lot of water under the bridge in that time. Following a lengthy hiatus, CKY return, albeit as a two-piece, featuring founding members Chad Ginsburg on vocals/guitar and drummer Jess Margera.

With early doors at 6 pm the duo hit the stage at the only-just rock ‘n’ roll time of 7 pm to a fair-sized crowd, it must be said. To be honest, I’m unfamiliar with most of their material, but they sound pretty cool. Their skate punk/stoner rock hybrid sound fits the bill nicely, and while I could name 10 young UK bands off the top of my head that would’ve killed for the opening slot on this tour, they hold their own. Originally the guitar player, Chad excels in his role as frontman, peeling off metal-edged licks and technically proficient riffs on his CKY emblazoned Musicman guitar. He’s engaging with the crowd and thankful for the support. The likes of ‘Attached At The Hip’, ‘Escape From Hellview’ and the classic set closer ’96 Quite Bitter Beings’ show a band with punk ethics and technically heavy tunes that are still here to party like its 1999.

The Backyard Babies closed the show for the German dates. Now, with both bands getting an equal 75 minutes stage time, it’s the sleazy Swedes chance to show The Wildhearts massive what they got going on.

Backyard Babies stroll on stage to massive cheers as oversized blue police lights flash, outlining their silhouettes in the dark. Photographers in the pit fight for the elusive killer shot, as frontman Nicke Borg and livewire guitarist Dregen, jump on their respective ego risers stage front and kick into ‘Good Morning Midnight’ from last year’s return to form album ‘Sliver and Gold’.

Wrapped up in a hoodie and a leather jacket, Nicke incites the crowd to riot from the off and the packed Academy responds in spades. In skinny jeans, leather waistcoat and a straw boater Dregen is looking more rock ‘n’ roll than he has in the last few years, and the diminutive guitarist is in fine form. With his custom Gibson E335 hanging from his knees he peels off killer licks, making good use of the stage and plays every solo on his riser, high above the heads of the front few rows.

A killer ‘Nomadic’ follows ‘Shovin Rocks’, the frontman getting the Academy crowd to sing every chorus with him. Yeah, the newer songs sound a lot better than I imagined to be fair, but it’s not until ‘Heaven 2.9’ that things really get cooking. The following ‘Highlights’ sounds amazing before Nicke brings out the dreaded acoustic. An acoustic guitar would not have happened at a ‘Total 13’ era Backyard Babies gig, right? But hey, that was 2 decades ago and who’s to argue at a singer/songwriter wanting to channel his inner troubadour? Well, ‘Painkiller’ is pretty much a Dogs D’amour tune anyways, so I’m cool with that and to be fair it’s a surprise highlight of the main set for me, along with the awesome, Dregen led ‘Star War’.

If you only made it in time for the 5 song encore you would not have been disappointed. ‘Look At You’ was a breath of fresh air when it came out back in 1998 and its easily the best tune of their career-spanning set. Even witnessing Nicke take a tumble jumping on his riser during a killer ‘Minus Celsius’ doesn’t compete for set highlight.

With a bruised ego and a battered Gretsch, the singer continues like a pro and doesn’t even change guitar for the closing one-two of ‘Brand New Hate’ and ‘People Like People Like People Like Us’.

I’ve heard reports that Backyard Babies are not at their best live these days, but for me, they absolutely killed it tonight. They are tight, professional and they know how to put on a high energy rock ‘n’ roll show. Yes, the setlist could’ve been stronger, and with the addition of a few more classics from ‘Total 13’ or ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ they could’ve stolen the show from the headliners tonight.


But the headliners are not going to be overshadowed tonight. This is The Wildhearts and this is their gaff!  Let’s just ease the crowd in gently, shall we? No. Let’s grab ‘em by the ball sack and twist the fucker till it bleeds! They open with ‘Everlone’; I’ve never seen them open with that before. The first ace has been played.

But this band has so many aces in their pack right? ‘Diagnosis’ follows, not only is it one of the most important songs (lyrically) in modern history, it has quickly become a live fan favourite. The building AC/DC  riff into that killer refrain, it’s so…dare I say it ‘classic rock’, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The first time I heard it, it was like I’ve always known it.

The band is on fire, Ginger is remarkably happy after a few days climbing the walls in Germany with no weed and (as he later informs us) nursing a major hangover. The singer, CJ, and Danny all take to the mics and interact throughout the set between songs. And what songs!  ‘Vanilla Radio’, ‘…Shitsville’ and newbie ‘Let Em Go’ fly by in no time at all, the packed room singing every word back to the grinning frontman. Ginger and CJ giving multiple opportunities for photographers to capture the elusive jump shot.

It’s great to see ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ back in the set; personally I would love to hear more from that era. But then ‘Dislocated’ takes the energy levels up a notch or two. The intensity of this song live is up there with the feeling I got watching ‘Suckerpunch’ live for the first time, and that is a good thing to witness. ‘My Kinda Movie’ is a welcome addition to the set this time around; again, the intensity of this song live is so, so good.

Encore time ‘Geordie In Wonderland’ is sung probably louder than any other time I can imagine and the closing ‘My Baby Is A Headfuck’ is as good a way to bow out as any other.

While the demographic of a Wildhearts show is generally middle-aged these days, there are plenty of teenagers in attendance tonight, for many, it will be there first Wildhearts show, it could even be their first rock show. Imagine this gig being your first show? The Wildhearts and Backyard Babies set the bar really high tonight, good luck to all bands who try to follow.

Author: Ben Hughes









Check out our Spotify Playlist and check out the bands.  Of course they’re great we’ve reviewed them or will be reviewing them this month.  First up Doojiman & The Exploders with ‘Buzzkill’.  More Kicks are a band we can’t get enough of so check out their latest single.


The Drowns have a new album this month so why not check out their in your face punk rock with the album opener ‘Black Lung’. ‘Tommy In The 80s’ from the ever magnificent Beach Slang is in this month’s playlist because it and they re so good.


We thought we’d add New Bomb Turks – no they haven’t got a new album out (wish they did) but because we can.  Enjoy it.  Supersuckers have a new album out so only fair they get included.


One of the best albums released this year is without doubt Humanist so here’s a track featuring Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan. On the live front this month The Interrupters have been tearing it up across the UK so check out their cover of ‘Bad Guy’.  Staying on the live front, Backyard Babies have been entertaining many of the RPM team so let’s go back to when they ruled and some ‘UFO Romeo’. On the same tour, The Wildhearts were busy schooling their Swedish travel companions and showed you can teach old dogs new tricks because ‘Dislocated’ sounded brutal.  Its the Wildhearts of course.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include some Black MEtal at its finest courtesy of the new top dogs Midnight with ‘Fucking Speed And Darkness’.

The Alarm are up with ‘My Town’ which got aired at the Gathering 2020. Stateside our man Gerald raved about Soraia who are ‘Dangerous’.


So there you have it another right old mixed bag of Rock and Roll for February.  That lot should keep you entertained for the rest of the month so we’ll see you back in March so until then keep it RPM

Slovenly Recordings welcomes Germany’s suave rock’n’roll true-believers SLANDER TONGUE to our stable of international beat group sensations! On their debut, self-titled LP (that’s this one you’re holding here, Mac), we have a heady brew of solid gold Real Kids vibes, with guitar solos that don’t allow for the passing of urine during between-song pauses. Think of Johnny Thunders sharing a ride with Fred “Sonic” Smith, while Ian Hunter and Chris Bailey are drunk in the backseat howling along to a beat-up tape of “Goat’s Head Soup.”  Right, let me stop you right there.  Are you kiddin’ me? We’re having some of that with that description from the PR company.  We drop the needle and hey presto ‘Soozie Stooge’ rocks into the ether with a stripped-bare rock n roll par excellence backbeat and whilst the eyebrow is still raised we’re diggin this.

Berlin is a cool place anyone whos been there can find Rock and Roll in every nook and cranny and when these cats turn the amps up the floor is filled with kids jumping around ‘Status Quo’ has the retro feel of a band just playing rock n roll with no frills and no airs and graces just good tunes and that cocky confidence that they damn well know they can carry their tunes.

Man on ‘Goin’ Down’ they sound like their channeling the early Beatles from the Reeperpabahn with some boogie courtesy of Rockpile slung in for good measure.  They’ve kept it simple with plenty of handclaps and bottleneck and those Thunders like solos – Great stuff! That folks is pretty much the modus operandi for the record to be fair.  Honest, loud rock and roll.

Sometimes they dip their toes into the 60s styling with more reverb on the vocals like ‘Wild Child’ which to be fair people would be going gaga over if it were Backstreet Girls knocking this out the guitar interplay is most appealing indeed. Love that bass run on the devilishly good ‘Lucifer’ and then its the home straight as the band just get on with playing some straight-up tunes with melody – great arrangments and attitude.  Don’t know if I want to play it again or go down to the pub and have a good time.  they seem happy to wear their influences on their sleeves and that’s cool with me. How great would it be if there were ten bands like this in every City playing live and making record the world would be a better place that’s for sure.

There is nothing to dislike here at all its a winner or a record.  Bursting with top tunes that’ll boogie and rock n roll you every time you feel down and want a pick me up.  It’s going out tunes and when your out you will have the tunes rolling around your head wanting to put ’em on again. Slander Tongue = Top band!, Top album.



Author: Dom Daley









It’s a very busy time in Eggland right now. Since the release of their last album ‘This Is Eggland’ in 2017, The Lovely Eggs have sat back and watched the world mutate and slowly eat itself. However, rather than remaining frozen in despair, they have used their relentless analysis of a modern culture that is bringing the world to its knees and poured every bit of inspired anger, contempt and hysterical laughter into new album ‘I am Moron’.


We got to hear the first results of their observations as 2020 lurched into life from its seasonal slumber, in the seething two-minute-and-fifty-seconds of rage in ‘This Decision’ and its accompanying mind-scrambling video, signaling the return of the Lancaster psych-punk duo. The single reached number #1 in both the physical and vinyl charts and was hammered by DJs at BBC 6 Music including Iggy Pop, Marc Riley, Steve Lamacq, Chris Hawkins, Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson and John Kennedy at Radio X. Not a bad start to their year, at all.


While The Lovely Eggs have already announced their April tour, and it’s selling out fast, they have also confirmed a string of special record shop in-store appearances, a surprise hometown free gig at a secret location, a new single ‘Still Second Rate’ to be released alongside the album, and have revealed the eye-gouging album artwork and full track-listing. See, we said there was a lot going on.


‘Still Second Rate’ will be available, as it should be, on limited edition snot green colored vinyl and backed by the non-album track ‘Jam Wild Jam’.


‘I am Moron’ is their second album to be co-produced and mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala) and continues their journey through Eggland into the unknown, with artwork by genius artist and video director Casey Raymond, who has the unbridled talent to perfectly visualize The Lovely Eggs sound,  spewing Eggland out in a swirling whirlpool of dayglo colours, melting faces and symbols.


Throughout their 13-year career, The Lovely Eggs have embraced isolation. Both metaphorically and geographically the married couple have chosen to shun the social conventions of normal life and dedicated their band and their life to the pursuit of what feels right.


Operating out of their hometown of Lancaster, The Lovely Eggs are lonely pioneers and self-confessed kings of idiocy. Working in an industry whose currency is money, success and nepotism, The Lovely Eggs want none of it. They call out everything fake and plastic about the music industry and demand you to re-evaluate on their terms.


‘I Am Moron’ was self recorded by the band in Lancaster (“The Twin Peaks of Northern England”) between Lancaster Musicians Co-op and their home. During the recording, Lancaster Musicians Co-op was threatened with closure, so the band put their album on hold to fight the eviction.


While the band were writing the album, they became fascinated by the Mars One program- a global project which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Applicants are offered a one-way ticket- never to see earth again. This fascinated Holly and David who drew parallels between this mission and their own isolation as a band.


Continuing the heaviness of ‘This is Eggland’. ‘I am Moron’ brings more depth to their sound bringing with it a mix of heavy psych, pop and strangeness. Some songs flicker between an earthly realism and the otherworldly loneliness of a one-way space mission. While in contrast, ‘Insect Repellent’ launches a gonzo-style attack against the middle classes and Bearpit questions the essence of working-class freedom.


With no booking agent, manager, record label or publisher The Lovely Eggs are truly independent. And this isn’t due to economics. This is by design. From day one. And support for them is snowballing. They are selling out bigger and bigger venues and more eggheads are joining them in their crusade against bullshit.

Welcome to their world. This Is Eggland!


‘I am Moron’ track-listing:


  1. Long Stem Carnations
  2. You Can Go Now
  3. This Decision
  4. You’ve Got The Ball
  5. Bear Pit
  6. I Wanna
  7. 24 Eyes
  8. The Mothership
  9. Insect Repellent
  10. The Digital Hair
  11. Still Second Rate
  12. New Dawn


Catch The Lovely Eggs live in April at the following special in-store appearances and FREE ENTRY release gig in Lancaster at a secret location.


Fri April 3rd…

Piccadilly Records 12.30pm

HMV Lancaster 5pm


Sat April 4th…

HMV Blackpool 10.30am

Action Records, Preston 12.30pm

HMV Carlisle 4.30pm


Sunday April 5th…

Hometown FREE ENTRY “I am Moron” release show in Lancaster at a secret location!


Thursday April 9th…

RPM Newcastle 4pm


‘I am Moron’ UK dates as follows:


April 2020

Thur 9 The Cluny, Newcastle

Fri 10 The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds *SOLD OUT*

Sat 11 The Castle and Falcon, Birmingham

Sun 12 The Bullingdon, Oxford

Mon 13 The Fleece, Bristol

Tues 14 The Loft, Southampton

Wed 15 The Portland Arms, Cambridge *SOLD OUT*

Thur 16 Komedia, Brighton

Fri 17 The Garage, London

Sat 18 Gorilla, Manchester *SOLD OUT*

Friday 24 Network, Sheffield [New date added]


May 2020

Fri 1 The Mash House, Edinburgh

Sat 2 CCA, Glasgow

Thur 7 Ulster Sports Club, Belfast

Fri 8 The Workman’s Club, Dublin

Sat 9 Dolan’s, Limerick


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