Italy’s THE ROOZALEPRES are rocking out hard, serving heavy riffs and some of the finest full speed ahead Rock ‘n’ Roll. If you love rearing guitars and fast songs, this band is just what you deserve for a rocking Friday night or a pleasant trip on the highway with your car. Lay back and enjoy “Alien Television Show”, the raging and brand new music video.

We chose this song, first of all, because we like the idea of representing the meaning of the lyrics in a video and our friend Wötsu was certainly the right person to collaborate with. We knew she would have fun doing it. The song speaks about the violent act of playing songs itself, dictated by the desensibilization that all media impose to the masses, getting alienated and addicted to it. And the other reason of our choice is that “Alien Television Show” is the first track ever written by the band.“, the band comments.

THE ROOZALEPRES s/t album will be coming out March 13th on Go Down Records and is available for pre-order RIGHT HERE

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