Washington DC has thrown up some monumental bands over the years and it also shat out a few crap ones as well (no doubt) Love The Bomb are from DC and they play punk rock and they certainly don’t come in the latter category.  Hell, they love The Ramones which immediately elevates them a few rungs up the ladder of Rock and Roll.  Where exactly they lie on the scale maybe ‘Fake Nature’ will reveal itself in good time.

We get underway with some cool brooding floor tom thumping and some spoken word samples as the music build to a roar as the vocals kick in with some lovely theft of the Ramones 1st rule is… To be fair its a really good opener and sets the bar fairly high as the energy level is amped up.

Now to be fair the band makes no secret of their love for Da Bruvers Ramone and to be honest why the fuck wouldn’t you. They were trailblazers and the writers of some of the best music ever committed to vinyl. It’s not merely a Ramones rip off happening here either that would be really unfair.  I got to review their debut album a few years ago and liked that so why wouldn’t I like this bad boy as well.  Correct. The production is sweet and represents the band really well it’s not too sugary nor is it so lo-fi that you lose interest.

The band plays hard and sounds like they are having a ball on tracks like the snotty ‘Perverse Mortgage’.  I love the tempo created by the drums that really drive the song and having two vocalists is a big asset to have. ‘Kinky Feeling’ borrows and bastardises a riff from the brothers Davies on the intro but hell, it’s not the Kinks if you get that impression. but it’s pretty close to ‘All The Day And All Of The Night’ right? right.  They go for broke on ‘Derek Wyld’ and really rock n roll it up with added power pop and a great Chuck Berry inspired 12 bar solo.

To shut the album down they slow it all down with ‘Let Dogs Sort em Out’ it’s not a ballad by any stretch but it does show they have it in their arsenal to step out of the fast lane and change it up and as a result, the record is all the better for it.  An enjoyable sophomore release from a band who sure knows how to Rock and Roll. Check it out!