A brilliant compilation of some of the best tracks from previous Witchdoktors albums, on CD in a digipack and on a slab of Wax stalwarts of Tin Pan Alleys 12 Bar Club Withcdoktors have been going for several decades and one of the constants is the fact that over the span of four albums and several EP’s they never let their guard down and turned in a half-arsed shift.  Witchdoktors are the real deal and if you’re not familiar with their tunes then let me introduce you.

Back in ’93 a band peddling garage meets swampy Cramps style Rock and Roll but with energy and a sound that was more than just being hip scenesters emerged out of the London scene with a rough guitar edge and plenty of Farfisa to make any self-respecting ghoul blush. but the songs were not mere snake oil apeing their peers they had something with four tunes from the debut making onto the mixtape.

Oddly there is nothing on the mixtape from the first single but a couple did make it from the second. As for the second album ‘I Still Hurt’ makes the cut and I love this tune with a great vocal I scratch my head and feel that I’m as guilty as everyone else because Witchdoktors should be a hell of a lot bigger than they are.  I’ve always really enjoyed them live when I’ve headed to the Smoke and happened across them playing usually with one of my favourite bands and I’m always delighted when they’re on the bill.


Four of the track present are re-recorded and incidentally, they all originally appeared on ‘$3 Hooker’ and Andy always delivers a passionate vocal and I do love the way they weave the organ into the mix adding a sense of drama especially on songs like ‘Neck Tattoo’ which is such a blast with that guttural bass throb.

Not that the earlier songs lack anything (because they don’t) they really found their identity and niche on ‘Voodoo Eye’ and had a big sound courtesy of the sympathetic ears of Pat Collier who clearly understands the band and the mixture of sounds they manage to straddle when putting their records together.

so If your looking for a new record to add to the collection then this mixtape is the perfect compilation to acquaint yourself with and introduce your new favouite band of reprobates who ooze Rock and Roll with passion, heart and soul and a C120 full of top tunes.  Get It! Oh and for extra Kudos I noticed on Spotify there is even a blinding cover of Neat Neat Neat well and truly served.


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Author: Dom Daley