If you want an album that marries pop sensible melodies with some Britpop (I’m well aware they’re Australian) with a twist think Pulp with their Lou Reid angle and some dark topics there is a warmth yet isolated feel to the record it’s like classic Babybird married to some post-punk alternative leanings like Echo and the Bunnymen.  Probably a love of Bowies’ darker albums and a pop collection consisting of bands like the Byrds and Teardrop Explodes and Icicle Works.  I love ‘Asteroids’ its jangly guitar and sweeping vocals it’s a real throwback to the mid-80s alternative scene where there was darkness amidst all the lovely melodies and nice chord changes. Its a theme I’m taken back to time and again throughout the record it’s like RVG have visited the history of dark pop and inhaled it all to create their own thing.

The single ‘I Used To Love You’ is straight forward look back at love that just went, gone cold and final. There is something that draws you in and whether it be the melody or the arrangments in their uncluttered recording its an easy listen – uncomplicated but enjoyable as you look into the soul of a writer bearing theirs and enjoying what you hear.

None of the songs outstay their welcome and then you arrive at the final destination ‘Photograph’ in all its seven-plus minutes of sparse guitar and voice with the late addition of some floor toms and cymbals before finally opening out towards the end.

A really nice sounding record with some really good songs from a band who have a firm grip on what they do and do it so well.  I really enjoyed playing that and all the memories it evoked of times long gone.  I love some nostalgia and when it’s done so well its a bonus.


Author: Dom Daley