It’s fair to say that Empty Friend walk you down a well trodden path, but this grunge tour de force are very much more than “tonight Matthew I want to be signed to Sub Pop records”.

With deep cuts such as “Draw The Line” which shows elements of Mother Love Bone and “Neon”, which any hardened Soundgarden fan would been pleased to have happened upon on the last album release.
The band is dabbling in a genre that people can be quick to ridicule, but they are holding their own, showing the virtues of the sound with original takes and being a lot more than a walk down memory lane.
This EP is a solid release with opener “You Are Not The Sun” being the only number verging on pedestrian. I have played the EP several times this week, the band’s divergent alt-rock sound would fit the bill to various stoner rock events such as DesertFest etc and I am looking forward to catching them live at some point.
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Author: Dan Kasm