I have to admit to knowing bugger all about Dictator Ship apart from they’re Swedish (of course) and they play Action Rock. But this ain’t you’re usual foot-to-the-floor “Super Shitty…..” stuff, this is an altogether more soulful proposition with a cool 70’s Paul Rodgers meets David Coverdale (proper 70’s / early 80’s Cov) vocal vibe. Turned on? I am!


“Your Favourites” has a vintage lo-fi feel, just like the proper albums that you nicked out of your cool uncle’s stash of vinyl when you were a kid. So let me grab you by the hand and take you through “Your Favourites” and see if it does exactly what it says on the tin.


Kicking off with “ In the Heat of the Night”. As you listen, you can imagine the band huddled around a couple of live mikes in a secluded Swedish cabin blasting out their own brand of gutter-level Action-soul. The lead vocals sound shared across the band and together they produce one hell of a sweet sound. This bad boy has groove to spare.

Next up is “Savage”, which boasts a video all of its own. The music is frantic, but the cool vocals pull it all together sweetly. It’s MC5 meets Jesus Christ Superstar!

“Good Thing Gone Bad” is early Purple without the screaming and throbbing organ, while “ Just for Fun” has a fast and frantic hook that demands repeated plays. The guitar sounds proper live…. and it probably was.

“Eat the Poor” justifiably also gets a video of its own, all be it a static “picture of the cover” affair. Never the less, it’s a cool tune with an even cooler title. There’s a kind of familiarity to the hook, it swaggers along in an early ‘Snake kind of way. Your gonna tell me it’s a cover, aren’t you? It’s that good!

“Gunner Man” has its feet planted firmly in the twilight of the ’60s. Musically frantic but with a laid back verse vocal holding it down before an explosive chorus.


Closing out this seven-track soul sensation is “From the Womb to the Tomb” and it doesn’t let up or disappoint. Full on and butt-kicking. Your head can’t help but put a Hammond over the top of this bad boy and suddenly you’re mentally jamming with the band. Fuck this is good !!


I’d like to tell you to go out and buy this bad boy now but given the current circumstances, we find ourselves in, order it from one of these lovely internet fellas and let your brave postie do all the hard work.


Pre-order your physical copy here:Sweden / UK / Germany / USA


Author: Fraser Munro