Think the Ramones ‘Wart Hog’ and the DK’s and you won’t stumble far from what Chain Whip are all about.  It’s fast it’s caustic and abrasive, oh, and its loud, noisy and fuckin’ pissed like a Bad Sam record and as punk rock should sound when you’re surrounded by fascist Right-wing governments,  and sheeple who have tunnel vision and only give two fucks about themselves and would happily climb over the people they consider their social underclass or lefties to get to their next fad or to fill their own pockets and out of that comes bands like Chain Whip.  There are no laughing matters here no amusing quips no sarcastic poking fun at the other lot but its ok to feel like this and it’s ok when a band shines a light into the dark corners of mankind and soundtrack it with a powerful racket, well, chain whip are that band and they’ve shone the light and punched a wall.  ‘Turner Street Ghost Motel’ did that to me it’s lie bloodletting to get to the other side of all the shit that’s wrong with the world you have to keep your eyes wide open.

Hailing from the Canadian city of Vancouver and comprising members of Fashionism, Corner Boys and more, Chain Whip doesn’t so much sound ‘in thrall’ to the sounds of 1980s hardcore punk as ‘completely inhabited by the spirit’ of it, in the best way possible. They snarl, they holler, and they do it all in under twenty minutes! The subjects ranging from half-baked cultural commentators to not wanting to live in a fucked-up world (say it three times: this makes sense). This is hardcore as in ‘the snottiest rock’n’roll imaginable’; no shitty metal involved no sir this is as my learned friend says “Punk As Fuck”.

‘Negative Justice’ is old school and says all it needs to in a shade over sixty seconds. Tight as fuck as they thrash and scream into the frantic ‘Black Beauty’.  ‘Code White’ doesn’t so much carry the album home tired it puts a rocket under itself and sets it ablaze.  what a fuckin’ rush that was I feel alive and whilst anger is an energy Chain Whip harness it and take it out on those poor instruments now get the fuck out of here and check this out and always remember to turn it up.

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Author: Dom Daley