ISOLATION SOCIETY is a three piece band from New York, made up of Julie Hair (3 Teens Kill 4): bass, samples and voice, Richard Hutchins (Live Skull, Art Gray Noizz Quintet, Shilpa Ray): drums, and Ian Wilson (Star Spangles): guitar and voice.
‘Dead Cat Bounce’ is their second offering and whilst mainlining NYC into the veins of Isolation Society it sounds from the streets of an age long gone, painting songs with broad brush strokes using samples that jar the listener and peeking around darkened corners for sure there are moments where the influences are laid bare ‘Saturation’ is an off kilt early Blondie vibe if they were jamming obscure Bauhaus songs rather than trying to be pop.

The band use samples that are everyday street sounds of obscenities and everyday urban sounds which adds to the darkness and in a strange way the beauty of the songs. the tribal drums of ‘Amusement’ along with the gothic chants and cold guitar work are fascinating and rather enjoyable it has to be said.

utilizing samples drawn from popular culture and up to the minute moronic spoken samples from potus amidst howling feedback and sampled noise ‘Foot Fetish’ is as cold as el president’s heart and head I’d wager. Fuck me ‘Family’ is dark but once you’re in, you’re in and twisted bleak lyrics are appealing what does that say about me? Other than I know a good record when it lands on my turntable or email. ‘Drug Store’ has an early ’80s feel about it I guess dark times call for dark music and Isolation Society are dark. Saying that I’m about to contradict myself as the former Star Spangles man Ian Wilson pulls out a sparkling Johnny Marr like guitar lead on ‘Out Doors’ and its good no it’s very good.

As the record grinds to a halt ‘Moisture’ reminds me of The Cult around the time of ‘Resurrection Joe’ or even earlier incarnations of Asbury’s dream of a Death Cult. with a thick bass line courtesy of Julie Hair holding down that tempo like all those great Sisters Of Mercy songs had its a great way to see off any record. Man what a trip I thoroughly enjoyed. If you’ve ever had a hankering for a band that absorbed all the great bands from the ones I’ve referenced through my review to the Banshees and beyond then this is a record you will love a little more after every play and bringing the early ’80s right into the lockdown times of the roaring 2020s then Isolation Society is for you.  Hit em up and check this out you won’t be disappointed at all.


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Author: Dom Daley