Man ‘Shits Looking Up‘ was a great record and it shone a light on the wonderful talent that is Local Drags. RPM rightly heralded it as such and many hours have been spent with their music pouring out of the speakers at HQ so when we saw a short sharp EP was on Bandcamp how could we not get some.

Basically, what we have here is a bunch of demos for songs opening with ‘Trailer’ set to a drum machine and an electric guitar demo of a great song with a sharp riff and melody and you can use your imagination to imagine how cool this is going to sound with a full band knocking it out it has the potential to sound huge and be one catchy son of a bitch tune.

Even though its only six sketches of songs the quality and talent shines through ‘Keep Me Alive’ is pretty much an acoustic guitar and voice with some shaker for timing. Rock and Roll is timeless especially when its good rock and roll and Local Drags are Good.

‘Walls’ is another acoustic ramble through a cool melody then ‘Square One’ is a more melancholy number.  Reminds me at times of Evan Dando when he was on form in the ’90s.

Whilst there isn’t a full band song on offer here the electric is out for the closer and toe-tapper entitled ‘Apartment Song’  and even from this sketch you can hear a massive rocker taking shape. Great to hear how these songwriters work and the process they go through to bring the final songs to our ears and already these songs are shaping up nicely and I’m sure the neighbours in the Apartment wont mind some ringing electric guitars when they hear whats pouring outta the speakers.  Local Drags could and should be huge – We’re rooting for them.  Check this out!

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