What do we want?  Dinosaurs.  When do we want them? Now, What do we want? Action rock! When do we want it? Now! with a side of werewolves please waitress.  Thanks kindly. 

Formed in the winter of 2001, The Cheats decided to create the kind of band that just wasn’t happening in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA – an old-fashioned, late-70’s-style punk rock ‘n roll band. 

Around 2017 the “Pussyfootin/Rockamania” line-up started falling apart as some band members grew tired of living in a van and playing the dive bars and probably getting paid peanuts. Instead of cashing in his chips and getting a real job Todd decided to put together a band of like-minded musicians that loved to tour and play live. Since the band now had some national notoriety, he didn’t necessarily have to recruit local musicians. The band now features guitarists from two well know rock towns, Devin Holiday from Atlanta, GA and Rob Senomar from Cleveland, OH.

The new line-up immediately started playing shows and writing songs for a new record. After a few short tours, the band hit the studio in the fall of 2019 to create the new album, “Cussin, Crying N’ Carrying On.” Originally slated for a spring release, but due to the pandemic it had to be put on hold for a little while. But at long last, it’s ready to go.

Straight from the off the sleazy loud rock and Roll crashes in as ‘Give Up The Ghost’ signals just what’s to come.  It’s thirteen slabs of hard n heavy punk n roll or fourteen if you pick up the Cd as it has a bonus cover of ‘Juniors Bar’ Todds deep too many smokes and bourbon baritone vocals are suited to a tee.

It’s a record full of Steve Jones crunchy guitar licks and solid rhythms and when they hit the groove they do it really well like on ‘Got Lucky’.  Its got a clear production and songs that contemplate the whys and wherefores like ‘FDF’ or (Fight Drink Fuck) must have taken an age pouring over the deep lyrics not.  It’s in yer face and fist in the air not a million miles from the UK’s very own Anti-Nowhere League to be fair in sound and attitude.

If yer looking for highlights then the dirty sleazy ‘Too Much Too Late’ is good as is ‘Stabbed In The Heart’ in all it mischievous glory from the bass rumble to the gang vocals.  If yer looking for a slow late-night love song or even a street ballad then you’re looking at the wrong band.  The Cheats just play loudly and live it like they love it and tomorrow’s another day – today they shall play and do it at 100 miles an hour – live fast n all that.  Get on it action rockers before they’re gone. 

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Author: Dom Daley