A boundless ball of energy and chaos. Live they’ll put a smile on yer face as they cover every inch of the stage (and the rig and audience given half the chance) This Bristolian quartet is anything but conventional.  Their first album is a live one for gawds sake which should tell you that they are comfortable in that environment it’s their turf and they can rock it up on that stage so why not sling out an unpolished set of rockers as your first foray into the big bad world of rock music.
with a sound described as blues-punk, their frantic attack is exciting and bristling with energy.  they’ve recorded at Rockfield and Abbey road so stick that in yer pipe and smoke it.  Georgi Valentine: Vocals, Brodie Maguire: Guitar/Backing Vocals, Chris Simpson: Bass/Backing Vocals, Matt West: Drums make up this exciting band. You can pick up that super limited record Here but be quick they will sell out!
So Who the heck are Mother Vulture?
Mother Vulture are hectic rock n roll with a punk twist. Quiet off stage, lunatics on stage. We want people to come to a show, laugh and say “look at those idiots”.
Where are the band from?
Simply, wherever the van (Rigby) takes us. Although, I think it’s fair to say that Cornwall is our spiritual home.

How did the band come together?
We started writing music, in uni, but only really became a band last year when we finally started playing shows. The final piece of the puzzle was getting Matt on the drums. He bought the van so we have to say that…
What about recordings?
We’ve got 5 tracks on Spotify that we recorded in 2018/19
Post-Pandemic/Lockdown plans?
Our plans post-pandemic are tour tour tour. And then, maybe we’ll record a real album! But for now, we’ll be shoving the live album down everyone’s throats (out July 24th)
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