Back in a dim and distant past I began this music reviewing thing and one of the first bands I got to review was a band called “One Soul Thrust” a Canadian band that even had Glenn Hughes guest on the LP, I got to know the band through the magic of the internet and always wondered why with the current surge in rock and metal they never got into the major league, because if you’re a fan of classic rock/metal this should be right up your street. As a front for the band Salem Jones has that classy vocal and after time spent building her range and working with Judy Rodman what we have is an instantly recognizable sound, grounded in a whole range of classic female vocalists.


Now after a long period of Soul searching, the band re-launched through Patreon pulled away from the music business and have produced a better body of work because of it, there’s a real sense of experimentation and downright enjoyment throughout the LP and an almost playfulness with the material presented, almost a fck you to the music mainstream.


Opener “full circle”, leads you in via a cracking guitar riff before we have a very different vocal, Salem leading and sitting on top of the music, before that playfulness is really brought to the fore in “Black Frank”. As we move through the next couple of tracks ‘One true flame” and “Hey Man”, the Lp settles the vocals drawing you in and then you begin to follow that classic guitar sound, understated, supporting the vocal giving a very definite base layering the music.


‘Fight for love” contains a real powerhouse of a vocal, caressing and lulling you into a false sense of security, before the guitar solo’s and your drawn into the body of the track, this is a seriously good ballad, would make a great single!! The chopping and stuttering guitar that drags you into “yes” again really sets the tone and the vocals that flit through the lead again draw on that sense of playfulness.


As we weave our way through ‘The sacred and profane” and “Nitric Oxide” my thoughts are again drifting to why haven’t these guys moved into the mainstream? Or more to the point nowadays do they want to? This LP I think has been their strongest, with the pressure off trying to attain sometimes we really deliver our best. Alongside the musicianship and vocal dexterity, the production really sets the bar high for the classic rock genre. Of the tracks that follow “Hunger and Sweat” contain a great vocal line showing real dexterity, “Golden souls” builds and drives the LP towards an ending, I think this has to become a set closer before final track “Summers over” with its picked acoustic guitar and vocal lead the LP out on a real high.


For all the classic rock fans out there, you really need to give these guys a like on whatever social media platform you frequent, introduce yourself and maybe check out those earlier LP’s, probably the best LP I’ve heard in this genre for quite some time!!!

Author: Nev Brooks