Texas rockers Holy Roller Baby have overcome the pandemic and unleashed their debut Frenzy. A frenzy it is indeed. Leaning towards funkier Stormbringer era Deep Purple and rounded off with a poppy boogie rock sound, which is sadly where it loses my interest a little.
The album kicks off with single ‘Leper Blues’ leading into a medley with ‘Spread Your Love Around’. The first part I really enjoy, it’s understated with a slow groove and a little left field as promotional single. The second sitting of the first track is where the train comes off the tracks for me, sounding far too commercial and at times dare I say it….. a bit like Jamiroquai.
There are still rocking numbers to be found here and the band really showcase themselves on these choice bits. ‘Blue Devil Inn’ and ‘Run Through The Valley’ drop the funk and channel a ballsier Rival Sons esque sound.
The album was recorded here in the UK and produced by Ian Davenport whose background lies with less heavy acts such as Supergrass and Band of Skulls as well as the painfully polished debut album of the once promising Bleech.
Other stalwart tracks on offer from the record are ‘Id Vicious’ and in particular last year’s single ‘Ravings At Your Window’. Both are worth checking out online and adding to your respective playlists without disappointment.
Overall with an arsenal of material belonging in a dirty dive bar, sadly due to the overly clean production it casts doubt if it would even set through the door. There are some excellent songs here, the only thing missing is the raw grit.
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Author: Dan Kasm