New York, NY – The Slackers, NYC’s premier ska, rocksteady, & soul band will keep their 17 year old holiday tradition alive in 2020 with a livestream broadcast of a holiday concert on December 19th (
The Slackers started doing holiday shows back in 2003 at the Knitting Factory back when it was still located in Tribeca. It grew into a multi night stand and then they started taking the show on the road to other towns. By 2019, it had grown into a 21 date tour with 3 night stands in Chicago and Austin. The Slackers’ last public concerts pre-Covid were as part of the 2019 holiday tour with a weekend in New York City at Webster Hall and Boston at the Middle East.
Suffice to say a lot has happened since then. Unable to play live in-person concerts in 2020, the Slackers have turned online with a series of live streams sponsored by their booking agency, The Sound Talent Group, and broadcasting through the streaming platform of Live from events.
The Slackers have also kept up a busy release schedule in 2020. They released two timely politically-themed singles with Pirates Press Records, “Nobody’s Listening/Sleep Outside” and “Blue.” They also released digitally, the anti-Trump anthem, “They Are Losing.”
This December, the Slackers are releasing a series of 45s that are tributes to the Slackers holiday tours of years past. They have almost sold out a presale of a pair of 45s that were recorded last year at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago and Flamingo Cantina in Austin. These limited edition 45s are lathe cut by Revolution Vintage. Part of the profits goes to the employee funds of the above venues. You can order the last few copies while they last on the Slackers eBay.
Supporting local venues is very important to the Slackers who usually play around 100 shows a year. In addition to the support from the 45s, part of the funds collected for the Livestream will go to support Reggie’s, the Flamingo Cantina, and the National Independent Venue Relief Fund (NIVA).
In addition, the Slackers are offering a chance to take a momento home from this holiday show. They are going to press up a lathe cut limited edition vinyl 45 of 2 songs from this holiday broadcast! You hear the show and the Slackers will literally send you a record of it. You can order these from the ticket page.

Often, the Slackers have DJs as openers for their holiday tours and this year will be no different. This year, the Slackers are going to announce their DJ support on December 8th.
“After all we have been through in 2020, it was important for us as a band to celebrate with a holiday show. We are celebrating survival and endurance and trying to bring some hope and joy through music to our fans, friends, and family. We have really been lucky to have such a great community of people around us in 2020 and we want to play for them .” – David Hillyard, manager and saxophonist of the Slackers.
“We are in the midst of some very tough times, and everyone could use some great music to soothe and to revitalize. We are proud to work in concert with Live From by creating a space where many international artists can play online and profit from their work. We’re happy that we can make a difference,” Sound Talent Group agent John Pantle.
The Slackers with DJ Support to be announced on December 8th.
Tickets are on sale at the website