Mysterious Swedish Rock and Rollas knock out nine demo tracks that sparkle with promise.  Sure the quality is like some fifth-generation tape trade but closer inspection and a fine ear will show the listener that there is a lot to admire within the songs written by The Dirts.


From the opening fuzzed-out full on assault of ‘Take Me Away it deserves so much more and it would be great to hear where these songs can go it’s like the first time I heard ‘(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!’ by the Hellacopters   – the energy is ferocious and with a thundering drum beat and throbbing bassline this would / could be killer and it just soars from there on.  I have to stress that these are Demos so it would be unfair to be too harsh.  Most bands knockback and fore songs built on pro tools and Garageband but these punks fly by the seat of their pants recorded on four-track.  Wow, it’s like the 90s never happened and tech never was a consideration its all about living in the moment and the buzz off hearing some rapid punk Rock and Roll kicking off in your speakers is a joy to behold.

The intro on ‘Knowhere To Behold’ is excellent it’s like they’re trippin’ on the Dolls and The Stooges and ‘Getting Over You’ is cool as from the sleazy riff to the muffled distorted melody on the vocals and the chorus is majestic. They should keep the guitar sound  and just build a phat sound around it then sit the vocals on top I recon they’d be onto a winner (but what do I know).


I’d imagine in a small club with a low ceiling this would be fantastic It’s full of snot and vigor and a passion for Rock and Roll when it’s hard and fast and I bloody love it.  The Dirts have let the genie out of the bottle and getting it back in would be impossible it’s just too wild and out of control.  Keep an eye on the kids and hopefully, someone will get hold of em and give em a hand and they’ll soar just mark my words.  Buy It!  There’s an EP that came out just before this bunch of tunes and that’s equally as essential – trust me and as if by magic the cassette has been re-released so get em whilst you still can


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Author: Dom Daley