Ed of Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds fame is something of a Manchester legend and with a history that embraced the first wave of punk via the Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall.  grew up listening to the likes of Bowie, Bolan, and all the glamour and glitz of the ’70s glam rock titans the UK had to offer along with the likes of Mott The Hoople and Suzi Quatro it would seem.


This album is indeed a homage to all things glittering and glamourous and if you’re looking for a feel-good album or just a little tickle of a feather boa of an album that might just tickle your fancy, If your answer is Hell Yeah! then this is very much what you’ve been looking for.  Get you’re groove on and head on down to devil gate drive kids because the spiders might not be here but Edweena Banger is.   From the first few chords of the excellent glam stomper that is ‘Getting High’ with a melody that reminds me of a bit of ‘Breaking The Law’ if Halford had embraced his glam side the melodies are certainly similar as they lead into the chorus.  (That might just be me who knows?) it a great opener with energy and laying our your marker straight off.

Anyway,  as the album unfolds it gets its jig on from the twelve-bar romp of ‘Wam Bam Thank You Mam’ and the lighter ‘Long Live The Queen’.  Taking on all band roles Edweena does indeed embrace the trashy DIY punk feel especially on songs like ‘LLTQ’ with its drum machine timings but the energy of the more rockin’ numbers glosses over any of the rough edges.  ‘Be Who You Wanna Be’ sends out a great message as does the Bowierific ‘Do You Know What I Mean’.

I just love the reminiscing of ‘Beautiful People’.  It’s got the spirit of Mott The Hoople and Bolan – Hell, It’s got that true spirit of the British ’70s rock and roll with glamour and dirt coursing through the veins of this song and written and performed by a true believer.  Whichever way you look at it it’s a glorious tune. So from track one through to twelve, this is a real feel-good factor of a recording.  It’s glamtastic god damn it,  with some really joyful tunes and some great playing as well ‘Diamonds On Tenth Avenue’ is guaranteed to put a big fat smile across your boat race, and to be fair to Edweena spending a pandemic lockdown pulling all this together is a fantastic achievement and one you should be proud of its a great piece of work from start to finish now excuse me whilst I go dust myself down and pull up my sequinned strides I’m gonna dance like its 1975 again.  Check this out you might just fall in Love L-U-V!


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Author: Dom Daley